Why Looking Over Your Resume is Crucial

If you are looking for a new job or think you may be soon, one of the first steps to take is a review of your resume. It is crucial that you look over this important document as it is often the first impression that you give to a possible employer. A strong resume can be the difference between getting an interview or a rejection. If it has been some time since you last reviewed your resume, here are some ideas on how to review and renew it.

Is it time to update your information?

As years pass by while you follow your career path, there are changes that happen along the way. You are not the same person you were when you graduated from college or entered the work force. An out-of-date resume may not reflect all your potential as a job applicant. Consider these questions.

  • Is your contact information correct? It is all too easy to forget to change email addresses and phone numbers. If a potential employer cannot reach you, your job search will be over before it starts.
  • Is your skillset up-to-date? It is not helpful if your resume reflects your abilities as they were a decade ago. Especially in the realm of computer skills and technology, it does not help your case to brag about your knowledge of old operating systems. You learned new skills at your last job. Make sure that your resume reflects your growth as an employee.
  • What have you learned? The way we study and learn has changed in the past decade. You want to include any online courses you have taken that are relevant to the employer.
  • What does not belong? When you were just starting out, you may have thought it was important to punch up your resume with honors you received in high school or college. If some time has passed, listing those honors can just be unnecessary clutter which will make the resume less desirable.

 Is it time to update your format?

The way people process information changes over time, and resume styles reflect that trend. For example, in the past, many resumes were written in a chronological format, following your career path from year to year. Today, many employers prefer a functional resume, that puts the focus on your current skills. You may want to check out some examples of resumes online (https://www.livecareer.com/resumes/examples) to see how your current format compares. It is estimated that many employers only take about six seconds to decide whether a resume needs further consideration or should land in the reject pile.

Do you know your own information?

If you have been at the same job for some time, you may not have touched your resume for years. The details will be hazy. If all goes well and you are called in for an interview, it is very important that you know the content of your own resume. The interviewer may ask questions about the skills, achievements and goals you list. A short review of the resume is all it will take to know what you are talking about.

Your resume should be the best reflection of who you are as a job applicant. Be certain the information is relevant and presented in an engaging way. Before you start engaging potential employers, take the time to review your resume.

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