The Best Jobs You Can Do From Home

Most people dream of working from home. In the past, work from home jobs were viewed as a scam. Nobody believed it was actually possible to make money while sitting on the couch in your pajamas at home.

At the same time, it’s true there were scams (and still are), there has also been an increase of companies that have gone remote or freelancers who have successfully made a full-time income by working from home. Online jobs are, without a doubt, a legitimate way of making good money.

So, what’s stopping you?

It may seem impossible to leave the 9-5 life. Many people fear they won’t make enough money or have regular work hours. These are valid concerns, and it’s important to note that it’s possible to work from home and still have the security you would at an office job.

It all comes down to knowing where to start and finding the remote career that’s best suited for your experience and personality.

In this article, we’ll share the very best jobs you can do from home.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants do everything an in-office assistant does (except bring coffee). They work from home, performing tasks like scheduling appointments, making phone calls, managing emails, booking travel or other events, or performing social media tasks.

Some virtual assistants do a variety of tasks and some might do specific jobs based on their unique skillset. Specific responsibilities can include bookkeeping, data entry, online research, etc. Virtual assistants are usually contract-based and can manage multiple clients at once. They have the flexibility to work when they want, for who they want, and as much as they want.

As a beginner virtual assistant, you can expect to make between $14,560 – $20,800 per year. As you gain experience, you can charge clients more and take on more clients. Expert virtual assistants earn between $62,400 and $93,600 per year.

Medical Transcriptionist 

Working for an online medical transcription company is also a great job that you can do from home. Medical transcriptionists create reports and other documents from medical provider’s dictated recordings. On top of being a good listener and some patience, you’ll need an in-depth knowledge of medical terminology, anatomy, medical procedures, treatments, and pharmacology.

To become a medical transcriptionist, you need a GED or high school diploma. You usually also need to take a 6 month to 2-year certificate, diploma, or associate’s degree program. Unless of course you can find work in a medical office or hospital and gain hands on experience.

Medical transcriptionists make an average of $34,770 per year.

Freelance Writer/Editor

Do you have a knack for writing creatively? You’re in luck because there’s a massive demand for freelance writers. If you think about it, every page on the web (4.5 billion pages) was written by someone. Freelance writers build portfolios to show to potential clients to get work. Many companies have in-house writers, so if you want to write for one company, you can do so as well.

You can be an editor. Some blogs have content written by writers, which gets sent off to an editor. Editors can charge up to $25 per hour once they gain experience.

Freelance writers can decide to charge clients per hour or per word. It’s challenging to get jobs at first, and it takes a while to develop robust writing skills. In the end, it’s a job that pays off. The average freelance writer makes $61,820 per year.

Online Customer Support Representative

Many businesses need staff to take calls, answer questions, deal with returns, etc. These tasks can all be done from your phone and laptop at home. Online support representatives can also chat with customers through a chat window like a chatbot.

This job may require you to download specific software or have a certain kind of equipment. Most online support agents are hired by a company that provides this equipment. These positions don’t require any post-secondary education either. However, experience is always a plus (in person or online). Some jobs hire candidates with 2+ years of experience in customer service.

On average, customer support specialists make $36,252 per year.

Web designer

Web development is one of the best work from home jobs because it allows creative people to do what they do best: make cool things (or in this case, websites).

As a web designer, you are responsible for different website functions such as visual appeal and user experience. You’ll dive deep into HTML and CSS. Knowledge of Javascript comes in handy as well.

It’s possible to score a web design job without any certificates. If you plan to develop this into a career, it can be very beneficial to have a certification. You can complete a web design course in a matter of months most times.

The average entry-level web designer makes $22.62/hours, which averages out to $42,932 per year. After 3 or more years of experience, the yearly average is $53,877 per year. If you combine UX experience and web design, you can make as high as $118,809 per year.


Having a job you can do from home isn’t mission impossible. Someone can make a good living while working their chosen hours, being their own boss, and sitting on the couch all day.

Transitioning from your current office job to an online role can be scary. There’s lots of uncertainty, and you don’t know if you’ll end up happier than you currently are. After reviewing this list, you may have a better idea of what you want to do and where to start. Good luck!


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