Streamlining Your Online Marketing Efforts: Is Using Automated SEO Tools a Good Idea?

Your ultimate marketing goal if you want to grow your business online is to develop a strategy that gets you to the top of the search engine results page, giving you awesome visibility and increasing your potential for finding new customers.

The good news is that there are some SEO automation tools around that might be able to save you time and money while you strive to get to the top of the rankings.

Here is a look at SEO automation, what it entails, and whether it might have the desired effect of raising your businesses to profile online.

Automate routine tasks

It has to be said that there is a reasonable amount of monotony in the tasks that you have to carry out frequently in order to climb your way up the ranking and maintain that progress.

It often requires the know-how and insights of a marketing agency to develop an SEO strategy that works, but there are some things you can try yourself, such SE Ranking, which is a software tool that helps you to automate a fair number of the routine tasks that need to be performed.

The sort of tasks that should help improve your ranking such as backlink monitoring, rankings supervision, and ongoing keyword research can be carried out autonomously.

Being able to conduct website analysis and getting more insights into what strategies your rivals are using, are all thinks that you might find easier to do with this type of software.

Being able to conduct an in-depth analysis relating to the quality and quantity of the backlinks connected to your website could prove useful in assisting you in devising a more effective marketing strategy.

Software that uses algorithms

Another SEO automation tool that might be on your radar is software like Traffic Booster, which has a reputation for being a useful automation tool for Pay Per Click ads.

Using a bespoke algorithm, this particular program will specifically target and analyze the short forms that business owners complete when creating their adverts in the first place.

The ultimate purpose of an automation tool like Traffic Booster is that it should assist in driving on the most relevant traffic to your website, lifting you higher up the search engine results page.

Automate your social media activities

Social media sites are a potential marketing goldmine if they are used efficiently and you stay on top of all the relevant tasks required to keep your profile up.

One of the SEO automation tools that is designed to help you automate all of your social media activities is a product called HootSuite.

What the software is designed to do is manage all of your profile across the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin, tracking keywords in the process and monitoring what level of success you are achieving.

Automating the process of managing your sharing activities in one place should be able to make the task easier and allow you to be more cost-effective in the process.

Automate authority building

Another aspect of SEO activities is finding out which keywords have the best conversion rate and what search volume is being achieved.

A software program called YourAMigo is one example of a tool that is designed to supplement your own SEO efforts by specifically focusing on long tail search.

Long tail keywords are the three or more keyword phrases that tend to be extremely specific to whatever it is that you are selling. Mining this information so that you can see if customer’s are using such a highly specific search phrase will help you define the long tail keywords that are used by people who are committed to buy rather than browse.

Looking to the future

The software tools highlighted are just the tip of the iceberg and there are plenty of other viable alternatives and options available, but the key point in highlighting these tools is to demonstrate how SEO automation is building.

It is not feasible or possible to entirely automate your SEO processes at this moment in time but there appears to be a general consensus that these services are becoming more efficient and more tools will be forthcoming as the software evolves.

Getting the balance right

The most obvious conclusion to reach this point is that there are some distinct advantages to automating some of your SEO tasks but the human touch still wins the day on other aspects of your quest to climb the rankings.

A good way of evaluating which is the best approach for you is to look at the pros and cons of manual SEO and compare them to what you can achieve with an automated approach.

With a manual SEO strategy, you will have complete control over all of your search engine optimization tasks and you will know exactly what each task has been handled according to plan, which is not something that is always possible with an automated approach.

Getting the chance to handpick your backlinks is also an advantage that is not to be underestimated.

The case for automated SEO

The most obvious plus point in favour of automated SEO is that undertaking manual tasks is extremely time-consuming, whereas it can probably be done in a much quicker time and for less cost when you automate these tasks.

Automating your SEO makes it easier to schedule tasks and it should be simpler to analyze your competitor’s backlinks, Meta content, and tags, for example, allowing you to replicate the strategies that appear to be getting the best results.

When you are automating your SEO it should also become easier to obtain up-to-the-minute data on your keyword rankings and respond accordingly.

Automated SEO should prove more economical in comparison to employing a team to carry out these same tasks.

Some of the drawbacks of automated SEO are that most of the software available tends to focus more on quantity over quality and another relevant point to consider is that a high percentage of links created through automation cannot become a source of traffic to your site.

On balance, it would seem that an SEO strategy that deploys a mix of automated and manual tasks might be the way to go at this point in time.



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