US President Joe Biden Rehires Crypto Advisor Ahead of Presidential Elections

In a possible sign of Joe Biden’s re-engagement with cryptocurrency regulations, the US president has reinstated Carole House, a crypto policy expert who advised Biden on his previous executive order that aimed to establish strategies for regulating the crypto sector.

Before her dismissal in 2022, House advised the US President on issues related to digital innovation and cybersecurity while serving as one of the directors of the National Security Council. Besides crypto, House has been a big advocate of artificial intelligence. She believes this technology is capable of disrupting every sector in the United States.

Her statement isn’t far from the truth, considering that there have been several AI-driven innovations launched in recent months to improve efficiency. A notable innovation is Quantum Income Pro, a trading bot that allows users to enhance their profitability by automating their strategies. Traders don’t need to spend a lot of time on their computer screens monitoring trades.

House Criticizes Biden’s Administration¬†

It is worth mentioning that before her reappointment, the House criticized Biden for not prioritizing the establishment of a comprehensive regulatory framework to guide crypto companies in the United States.

A few weeks ago, while speaking on a podcast called Web3 Working Group, House called out the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for going after blockchain-based companies without providing clarity on how these firms should register with the commission.

The SEC has targeted numerous crypto players since last year. For instance, well-known crypto exchanges Kraken and Coinbase were charged by the agency in 2023 for allegedly failing to register their crypto staking services with the commission. House and other pro-crypto individuals have urged the SEC to stop its “regulation by enforcement” approach in favor of adopting a clear regulatory framework.

What Has House Been Doing Since Dismissal?

Following her dismissal in late 2022, House has worked as a crypto policy advisor in various organizations, including The Digital Dollar Project, which aims to explore central bank digital currencies (CBDC) and venture capital company Terranet Ventures.

House tweeted on Monday about her new role, saying she will serve as a Special Advisor for Crypto and Cybersecurity Policy. She added that she was determined to help Biden’s administration formulate policies that enable digital economies.

Possible Reason for Reappointment of Crypto Policy Advisor

House’s reappointment comes as the US President’s cryptocurrency policies face a massive backlash from crypto players, who now appear to support Donald Trump’s presidential bid. Trump, Biden’s main rival in this year’s election, has expressed his support for the crypto industry in his recent campaigns. He met Bitcoin miners last week and promised them to create a conducive mining environment once he ascends to power.

Meanwhile, Biden’s team members have announced plans to attend a Bitcoin-focused conference in Washington next month. This move aligns with recent technological advancements, such as the Quantum Income Pro trading bot, which demonstrates the potential for AI to revolutionize financial strategies and enhance profitability.

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