VoIP Resellers: What Are The Duties And Responsibilities Of The One in 2021?

As the years go by, the revenues generated by telecom providers and suppliers like Betacompany continue to rise. This alone stands as proof of the viability of VoIP in replacing the long-standing yet antiquated system that once dominated the market.

What does this mean? With the dwindling share of the traditional phone companies in business communication, there will be a shift. Smart business owners will look for somewhere more modern and more reliable.

This has been the trend for a few years already, but it’s not stopping anytime soon. As the availability of stable internet connection becomes more common, even more people would switch to internet-based communication.

That’s why it’s a great time to become a VoIP reseller. There is an untapped market that has yet to realize the value of VoIP. Perhaps some of them even have just gotten an excellent internet connection, making them the perfect market for reselling.

What is a VoIP reseller?

reseller of VoIP products and services are in many ways just like reselling any other product. Therefore, the business focuses more on marketing instead of product development. Because in both cases, the product already exists.

However, VoIP is closer to dropshipping than reselling. You don’t have to purchase services BEFORE you resell them. Instead, every time you close a deal, you profit.

For example, with Betacompany, you can earn up to 15% in recurring commission for five years. Take note: they used the word commission instead of profit.

This means you don’t have to invest even a dollar on the product you’re reselling. However, you’d still be able to market it as if it’s your own.

How are you helping your clients as a VoIP reseller?

Apart from the profitability on your part, you’re also helping your clients in so many ways. That’s why the money will keep coming in the first place! Here are some ways that you’ll be valuable to them:

  • Improve their revenue streams

Introducing them to the world of VoIP makes it easier for them to reach their income goals much sooner.

VoIP lets them centralize their system so labor is used more efficiently. This means that their staff would be able to respond more quickly to customers or even fulfill more orders using the same resources.

A lot of entrepreneurs fail to recognize the value of seamless communication because they believe that their product or service is enough to stand on its own.

While it may be enough to keep the business afloat, getting more money without investing more in other resources is always welcome progress.

As the reseller, you’d be responsible for bringing this development to them!

  • Build your brand

But you couldn’t deliver the said benefit if they don’t know about you in the first place. That’s why before anything else, you have to build your brand.

If you’re getting VoIP as an extension to the range of services you already offer, the work has already been done for you. An online securities expert, for example, already has a brand consistent with what VoIP can provide.

But if you’re starting from scratch, start by determining your target market. From there, you can present your enterprise however you wish. The key here is a consistent tone across all your messaging.

  • Help your clients save money

One of the reasons that many are switching to VoIP is that it’s much cheaper. Not only does it offer flexibility that phone companies normally don’t have, but it also gets rid of a lot of costs associated with international calls, equipment maintenance and repair, and many others.

It has been shown time and time again how some enterprises manage to slash their costs by 90% just by making the switch. The extra money they have now, they can allocate to other organizational initiatives that could further propel the business.

Plus, your clients can now hire cheap offshore labor to further drop the costs down. Everyone could still be connected as if they’re in one office for as long as they have stable internet connectivity.

Paired with a consistently high-quality VoIP connection, your clients will surely stay and subscribe to your offer.

  • Improve their efficiency

It has been shown how valuable VoIP is in future-proofing communication for businesses of all types.

Because the internet doesn’t limit how much can be customized to fit the client’s needs, each of them can have a system designed specifically to complement how the organization works.

What you’ll be offering is not a one-size-fits-all solution. You’ll be offering something that no other phone company has ever been able to offer. And for a lot cheaper than their rates!

Becoming a part of a fast-growing market makes it easier for you to generate income. VoIP reselling is one such market. By knowing what’s expected of you, it will be easier for you to drive consistent income from your clients.


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