8 Useful Corporate Gifts to Keep Your Recipient on Top of Their Game Even When They’re at Home

Working from home has been a blessing for some at the beginning of global isolations. What’s not to like? You’re in the comforts of your own home – with your family, near your bedroom (and the fridge!). But the mental line that separates home and workspace becomes more apparent as days go by despite curating the perfect home office.

 Others are able to easily adjust while some are still trying to harbor the same tenacity and focus they have in a corporate space outside of their homes. Be it your friend, loved one, co-worker, client, employee, or even you experiencing this right now, know that it will get better. And there are practical and healthy tools to help you cope.

 Here are 8 gifts that will inspire your recipient to keep striving and thriving and maintain a balanced home and corporate life.

 1.   Gourmet Gift Basket

 Treat them with a basket of the good life with these gourmet delicacies beautifully crafted by professional gifters. Whether it’s for snacking or after-work downtime, this gourmet gift basket will delight them for days – depending on how fast they indulge.

2.   Terrarium or Succulent Garden

 You can choose from a single succulent, a mini garden, or a terrarium desk kit to freshen the mood in your recipient’s workspace. A dash of greenery on their desk will brighten their day and remind them to continue growing and flourishing in their career paths.

3.   Coffee or Tea Blends

 How about a deluxe set of coffees and flavored teas? They will appreciate constant boosters for sure. And you may add in a personal touch if you know the office favorite or the brand they like.

4.   Skillshare Subscription

 Thanks to the internet, we now have tons of free and affordable information that was only available in the university. With this gift, they can break the mindscace of being stuck and learn something new or further improve their fortes.

5.   Essential Oil and Diffuser Set

 After a long day’s work, it’s important to have time for ourselves. Call it self-care, me-time, or whatever relaxation sounds like in your book, this scent heaven is a must.

6. Memory Foam Seat Cushion and Lumbar Pillow

 Hours spent sitting down can make anyone feel uncomfortable. That’s why standing desks are a thing now. But you can also gift them a memory foam seat cushion and lumbar pillow, so they can sit in comfort even for a long time.

7.   Pen Holder with Desk Calendar

 There are a lot of variations of pen holders. But the one with a desk calendar is definitely useful as they’ll always be looking at the date and their schedule many times. It’s a cleverly designed organizer, pen holder, and calendar in one.

 8.   Planner

 You can opt for a weekly planning pad so they can keep track of their to-dos including their daily routine and healthy habits that they can tear off easily. Or go all out with a chic planner so they can plan the rest of the year (or next year) ahead.

 When in doubt, a gift basket with a personal note is always a safe and sweet bet. You don’t need a special occasion to send one. These times are reason enough to send some appreciation and a “keep on keeping on!” along their way.




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