The Way to Restore Photos or Data from a Cloud Storage Effectively and Safely

Keeping photos in a cloud storage is not a guarantee that you can’t lose them. There are some causes that make the photos deleted or lost. The question is how to recover deleted photos if you save it on a cloud storage? Luckily, there are several ways to recover those lost photos so you can use it back.

Take the Photos or Data from the Cloud Storage Trash  

The most common action to do to recover the deleted or lost photos is by restoring it from the trash online. The way to do it is various and it depends on the cloud storage provider you use.

Let say, you are using Dropbox it means you have to go to the website and find deleted file icon. The location is on the top of the file list. Select the photos or files you want to restore and directly restore them.

For the Google Drive, you also need to go to the website first and then click more. The location of the feature is on the sidebar. Then, just select the trash option and pick all the photos and data you want to restore.

If you are the SkyDrive’s users, just go to the official website and click the Recycle Bin. Find the photos and data you want to restore and get them back.

Restore the Photos or Data from the Previous Versions Feature

The next way to restore photos and data in the cloud storage is by checking the previous versions. Fortunately, this storage is supported by a system which can save the previous data from the history feature.

Just go to the cloud storage provider and select the data you want to restore. Right-click on the data and choose a specific feature such as the previous version, manage revisions or version history.

What you need to notify is that the deleted data in the previous versions will be deleted permanently after 30 days. Just make sure that you don’t keep there more than 30 days otherwise you lose them.

Restore from the Cloud Storage Cache

You can also check the cache because some of the cloud storage providers are tracking your data in the cache after deleting the photos or data. The weakness is that you have to visit a specific address or the official website first before restoring the important photos or data.

Another weakness is that the data in the cache can only stand in 3 days. After 3 days, the deleted photos or data will be lost permanently because they are cleared by the system. As the result, you will see an empty cache or new cache that you might don’t need.

Restore the Photos or Data by Using Data Recovery Software  

For a more flexible option, you can restore the important data including your precious photos by using data recovery software. The best part of using this system is that you can do anytime you want. You don’t need to be afraid of losing the data permanently because you are running out of time. As long as the cloud storage is able to use, you can take the data back.

Moreover, the step to do it is easy in which you just need to download and install the data recovery software first. Then, connect the cloud storage to the software. The scan feature is able to detect all the lost data or photos in the cloud storage.

Check the list of the lost data and pick the data you want to restore. The last thing to do is click the restore button and you will see the data back and in a normal condition. It takes a few times to complete the process and it depends on the total of the data you want to restore and the type of software you use.

The most important thing, you are not only restoring the data back but you can also use them just like before.

From the options above, some people are choosing to use data recovery software. The reason is that they can use the software anytime they want and fast. They don’t need to be afraid with the limited time or the automatic cleaner system installed in the cloud storage. The process is safe and efficient along with a maximal result.

Now, you can explain to your friends who might have a similar problem with you. Just share to them the way to recover deleted photos or lost data from a cloud storage easily and effectively.

Summary: There is a possibility that you lose photos and data in a cloud storage. Fortunately, you can restore them back. This article shows several ways to restore photos or data from a cloud storage.



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