How Do You Properly Edit a Supplemental Essay?

A small supplemental essay size often misleads students because it seems simple and not worthy of time and special attention. However, a short essay, on the contrary, is a complicated task inasmuch as when writing a supplemental assignment, it is impossible to hide some mistakes in a long stream of words. According to the established standards, the supplemental essay word count should not exceed 600 words. Reading the text, the committee even does not have time to lose focus, so nothing goes unnoticed.

That is why it is necessary to be very strict and picky about your essay. Writing is only the first step, while the second one, which is even more important, is proofreading. Only the editing stage can bring the best to perfection. Considering the fact that the editing process is painstaking, many prefer to entrust it to professionals. So, the supplemental essay proofreading service is a quite popular solution.   

Advantages of Professional Supplemental Essay Proofreading

There are several reasons for the popularity of professional essay editing:

Experienced editors who know exactly what a supplemental essay is and what it should look like.

Thorough check of the text is carried out manually as well as by AI services.

View from the outside.

Full package of editing services, including correction of grammar, lexical, and punctuation mistakes and text structure adjustment.  

Tips on How to Proofread Your Supplemental Essay on Your Own

If you have enough time and want to save some money, you can provide essay proofreading on your own. For students who have little experience, the process may seem difficult at first. Though, it is not a reason to give up.

In fact, the text editing process could be simplified if you provide preparation for it. Thus, it is reasonable to make a plan. Write down everything you need to check in your supplemental essay. This will help you not to miss a thing.

The main points should be in the proofreading plan:

 Text formatting. Your essay should meet all established formatting standards like alignment, text font, page margins, etc.

 Logical structure. A classic supplemental essay should include three paragraphs: an introduction of your skills, a description of past challenges and your experience, and a demonstration of your motivation and goals.

Grammar mistakes. To assure the lack of grammar errors, use online grammar checking services.

Lexical mistakes. Inappropriate use of words and phrases does not allow the writer to convey their thoughts to readers. So, pay attention to the correct use of unfamiliar words. 

Style of writing. It is useful to get familiar with several examples of the supplemental essay to understand the necessary tone of voice.

Relevance of content. Do not add superfluous information, which is not related to the main topic and purpose of the text.   

Following the essay editing tips, you can assure not only the simplicity of the process but its high quality as well. In addition, it will be useful to read the article titled Complete Personal Statement Guide for high-class supplemental essay proofreading.


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