The Jetsons Reimagined: Radical Tech Items to Buy This Week!

Take a step back and look at what we’ve achieved so far. Wireless devices, rechargeable batteries, touch screens, apps for every purpose, AI assistance, automated home security, virtual classrooms, medical IoTs, and smog-free towers, etc. I guess it would be safe to say that we are well on our way towards a supra-technological and digitally enhanced future—one that’s seen in The Jetsons. Houses in the sky, aero cars, vacuum cleaners that talk and robot maids, etc. Sounds utopian, yes? Well, to add to our lot of advanced tech items, I have come up with a list of unique plus radical devices, which will go quite well with your smart and savvy Jetsons’ inspired lifestyle. Choose the ones you like and fly forwards into the 3000s.

Headphones in a Hat

Wires and workouts don’t go so well together. That is why trainers recommend people to get wireless headphones whenever they head over to the gym or go for a jog in the park. However, managing to carry this audio accessory with you wherever you go, along with other stuff, can get severely inconvenient. Plus, given the stress and the pressure, you might forget to bring them altogether. So, how about you get the best of both world by buying a hat that’s speakers, headphones, and microphone in one?

Yes, REDESS offers you their Wireless Bluetooth Beanie in two colors for both males and females. The prime features of this gadget include a V4.2 universal Bluetooth connection that’s compatible with any device in a 10m range, and a 3-button control panel that allows you to receive calls, listen to songs and even check voicemail redirected from your Windstream phone, etc. The Li-Ion battery in this beanie is rechargeable and renders a four-hour continuous playback. Moreover, its fabric is super-soft and ideal for outdoors, plus washable. Price? Only $19.99 at Amazon’s marketplace. Place your order now and let ease flow through your life.

Mixed Reality Glasses

Have you been craving for a compact gadget that allows you to view digital content no matter where you are and what you are doing? Let me present to you Nreal Light glasses that resemble a normal pair of sunglasses, run media in a ‘mixed reality’, and are light enough (85g) to be carried around in a backpack. Introduced at CES 19, this device has a 1080p setup with 60 fps in each lens which beams your favorite shows in the highest quality right to your field of vision. Moreover, it comes with a distinct android device having a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chip in its core and a rechargeable battery, which actually powers the glasses. If you’re interested in its concept, pre-order it now as it’s expected to become available later this month.

Ambient Switch

Imagine you come back home from a particularly hot summer’s day and find the lighting in your house automatically adjusting to cooler hues to suit your mood. Wouldn’t that be just awesome? Well, Lutron Caséta Wireless Smart Lighting Dimmer Switch offers this ‘scenic’ functionality on top of others. This smart switch synchronizes with your home hub over the in-home network, and turns the lights on/off depending on your presence/absence, saving energy and lowering bills. You can operate it from your smartphone or remote control or by giving the order out to your AI voice assistant, which is compatible with the switch’s make. The best part? It costs only $79.95 on Amazon. Think of it as a one-time investment.

Levitating Globe

You’re sitting at your workstation and you’re awfully bored with the paperwork. Do you know what you need? Something to spark your imagination. MOKOQI’s 7-inch tall Magnetic Globe will do just the magic here. Watch as a 3.3 diametric globe with the map of the world etched on it floats in mid-air and rotates 180 inside the C-shaped stand that’s embellished with three LED strips. How does it work? With a free and eco-friendly magnetic energy. Cool, right? Plus, this device is super easy to set up and its gentle motion is good enough to take you on a fantastic journey, for only $32.99 at Amazon.

Air Fryer

If you’re just beginning to board the health bandwagon, and thinking about shifting to a purely organic diet, then there’s a technological device out there that’s ideal for your new needs. It’s GoWise USA’s 3.7-Quart Fryer that cooks your food without using any oil, and it costs only $60.50 on sale if you place your order on Amazon right now. You see, excessive consumption of oil is injurious to health as it raises cholesterol levels and leads to cardiovascular diseases. However, this state-of-the-art fryer uses rapid air technology to prepare meat or veggie fries or whatever you feel like adding to your healthy diet. Moreover, it has two kinds of options on the digital screen for setting temperature and time, but eight ways how you wish to cook your food. The indicator beeps when the item’s done, and the whole set comes with a recipe book oriented around the fryer.

So, what are you waiting for? Turn your 2019 into a tech-bountiful year, by getting the aforementioned radical gadgets and living like The Jetsons.

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