The Checker Email verification software

The Checker software is designed to optimize the auditing process. It keeps an eye on your data and cleans the unnecessary information from the sender list. This high-quality software provides you up to 99% accuracy.

Why this App?

There are a lot of reasons behind the popularity of this software like:

It Protects the Sender Reputation:

People are very worried due to sending issues of the email because 1 in 5 mails are failed to deliver due to IP related issues. The Checker software, your email lists are cleaned and protected.

It Avoids ESPs Blockages:

To minimize the bouncing rate The Checker protects all the tools because a 5% bouncing rate can block the ESPs. The email cleaning tool eliminates all the issues to improve the deliverability.

Superior Deliverability:

The Checker  promotes superior deliverability up to 99.9% to boost your campaign ROl. It accelerates the overall performance and detects the upcoming issues.

Software Products:

The Checker Software’s functions and features are designed specifically to improve audit, inspection, and assessment processes.

The Basic features of this application are created to improve the assessment process and to improve the overall productivity. The main products of this software are:

  • The Checker Pro
  • The Checker Enterprise
  • Action modules

Let’s discuss them one by one and check out the main features of these products.

Basic Features:

· Up to 99%+ Accuracy:

The checker software is 99% accurate. It improves the delivery metrics and enables you to get a high level of verification.

· Fast Verification

The Checker erases all the unnecessary data with unwanted contacts in a very short time. it is considered as one of the main features of this software.

· Affordable Prices

We highly recommend you to use this software because it is easy to use at reasonable prices. This affordable software operates correct and fast.

· Bounce Checker

The Checker software controls the bounce rate and keeps it very low because a 5% bounce rate will also affect the overall performance of the system and stops the email to deliver.

· Anti-Greylisting

This software offers you the latest anti-greylisting technology and valid

Integrate The Checker:

The Checker allows you to work on each platform. It can easily be fitted with your work with powerful integrations. It erases the unnecessary data and secures it.

To guide the users with audit and inspection process, the checklist can be of:

  • Lists of best management practices

Info Manager

  • Company policies.
  • Regulations
  • Standards
  • Tips

Moreover, The Checker cleans your database without losing any kind of important conversations and supplies all the possible modifications with high quality.

To keep the safety inspections this software is available at very affordable prices. The Checker is the number 1 software to detect any kind of issue in the data. It is one of the best and practical tools that optimizes and secures the data with 99.9% accuracy.


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