CDN And Dedicated Servers: Power Of The Best Hosting Solutions For Your Website Success

It’s impossible to have a successful website without a decent foundation, i.e. hosting. You can accelerate your website and enhance user experience in different ways, but the performance and speed are primary for visitors’ satisfaction. This is where CDN and dedicated servers come in handy. What are these technologies and where to order the services? It’s time to debug the myth about the affordability of these products.

Why Serious Players Prefer Dedicated Servers?

While most sites utilize standard shared hosting, it doesn’t mean this service is the best. Having shared hosting means it’s being utilized by thousands of other projects, so you have a very constrained amount of resources at your disposal. Different sites can influence the speed and even authority of yours, and downtime can happen any time. For surpassing bandwidth utilization limits, you can face slower website loading, site blocking, and different punishments.

A dedicated server is being used by one single client – no one else can host their websites.

Here are at least 5 reasons to order a dedicated server:

  1. An enormous amount of memory and excellent speed;
  2. Total security;
  3. Unlimited customization and flexibility;
  4. Independence from other clients and the absence of related vulnerabilities;
  5. Possibility to host numerous websites and projects.

CDN – Number One Website Speed Booster

A CDN (content delivery network) isn’t a sort of hosting itself – it’s rather the technology for better website speed and performance that’s used in combination with hosting. It quickens site page loading by serving static and dynamic content from the nearest servers rather than the primary server. It’s particularly helpful for sites that have a lot of images, videos, and other bulky media files. Besides, CDN is a must for websites with a huge volume of traffic coming from different regions.

CDN works by caching website content on different geographically spread servers. Subsequently, whenever the guest opens a page, the content is served from the nearest server – it improves loading time and quality.

Where To Buy CDN and Dedicated Servers?

Think you can’t afford CDN and dedicated server? Don’t rush to make conclusions until you visit INXY marketplace! We will find a suitable service for your website!

Our catalog includes over 500 dedicated servers from leading providers: Webzilla, Advanced Hosters, Leaseweb, Serverloft, etc. You will definitely find a server that fits your requirements and budget. Use the search tool and sort servers out by location, brand, price, CPU, bandwidth, etc.

Why using dedicated servers offered by INXY is more efficient?

  • Sales up to 50%!
  • Our server data centers are situated in Europe, The USA, Asia, and Russia with more regions to come.
  • We partner with the best suppliers, Including Tier-1 – Level3, Globalcrossing, Telia, Deutsche Telecom, Tata Communications, Iptransit, Iptp Networks, Pccw Global, Cogent Communications.
  • Over 40 Gbps of data transmission per server can be provided.
  • Up to 8 free IPs for every server.

Top it off with a great CDN solution! We offer CDN packages for websites of any size. You can customize the chosen CDN network to get maximum bang for your buck. INXY has a highly flexible pricing policy, so you can stick to pay-as-you-go solution.

Why buy CDN in INXY marketplace?

  • Free 1-month trial
  • Professional customer support. Our team will consult you to help you make the right choice and maintain your network.
  • Best suppliers on the planet: AhCDN, EdgeCast (Verizon), Highwinds, UCDN, CDNnow, and Leaseweb. This list will be expanded.
  • Global coverage including North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, South America, Russia, and CIS.
  • Quick support – whenever you’ve got an issue, INXY team is always here to back you up.

With advanced solutions from INXY, you can enjoy the overwhelming difference in website performance, trouble-free hosting, and ever-growing traffic.


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