Organic Reach Not Cutting It? Why You Need A Digital Agency

It is essential for any business in 2021 to capitalise and ensure that you have a strong social media strategy. 

However, unless you are lucky enough to trend or your business goes viral on  TikTok or find sudden Insta fame, you can’t always rely on social media to see a growth in your profits. 

If you have been managing your Facebook business page, you will have noticed the decline in figures and may have even heard the term “RIP organic social media, and to a certain extent, that may be true.

Any digital marketing agency based or otherwise will tell you that competition to get on your target audiences news feed is more demanding than ever. With the increase in competition nowadays, there is an average of 1,500 stories when you log into Facebook competing to feature in your newsfeed. Out of that 1,500, only 300 of those stories make the cut.

For any business, let alone a small independent business, that’s not great odds.

What is Organic Reach?

On social media, organic reach is the number of people who have seen your content through unpaid distribution, i.e. without you putting a budget towards reaching a specific audience. 

The metric is represented as several individual accounts and can include users who saw your post in their News Feed, watched a Story, or browsed your account.

Unlike paid content (such as Facebook ads), organic posts are generally not served to specific target audiences. Each social media network has a proprietary algorithm that defines how organic content is distributed on the platform.

This Is Where A Digital Marketing Agency Can Help 

A digital marketing agency can not only help you navigate and explore more in-depth methods of reaching your target audience through PPC, Paid Social and SEO strategies.

Daily Management

The number one reason you should look to consult with a digital marketing agency is the complexity of PPC and Paid Social. 

Even though many digital marketing platforms try as much as possible to make their platform easy to use, marketing interfaces are ever-changing due to technological updates and modified algorithms; even the top digital marketers can struggle to make sense of this.

The set-up itself is half the battle, once set up for your PPC or Paid Social campaign to be effective and yield results, you need to conduct regular analysis and management of all the essential components. 

All of this takes time and energy in which, in most cases, small independent businesses are in short supply. A digital marketing agency will help assist you with effective management of the entire process of your marketing campaign from start to finish.

Comprehensive Strategies

An experienced digital marketing agency can  increase the likelihood of sales for your business because they can target the customers more likely to need and buy your products or services. 

Whether you need assistance with brand awareness, scaling your existing brand or increasing your conversions, using a digital marketing agency gives you access to a bespoke marketing strategy that takes into account your core KPIs and your goals. 

This results in tailored marketing activities that identify your key audiences, and the most effective methods of getting your brand in front of these demographics. With a focus on effective and impactful marketing strategy to fully utilise the most in-market channels for your industry.

Many digital marketing agencies are results based, which means they’re driven by quantifiable data, using industry experience and marketing know-how to create tangible results.

Saving Money

Besides drawing from an agency’s knowledge of PPC and Paid Social, the other biggest positive is that ultimately it will make you money and save you money.

By focusing your marketing spend on only the most effective, and highly converting channels and audiences, working with an experienced agency means you can streamline your spend from the get go. Avoiding costly learning curves that could restrict the reach and impact of your campaigns. 

The Bottom Line

A marketing agency has experience in what works and what will not, so they channel the money set aside for advertising in the right direction. This allows you to stay within budget and cut down costs no matter how little they may be.

Ultimately, suppose you are looking to achieve success with your marketing goals. 

In that case, you need to consider using pay-per-click advertising to increase your sales and brand awareness and enrich the work you are already doing organically to reach new targeted audiences.

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