How To Find Hidden Text Messages On Android in 2021? 

There are situations when someone’s cell phone should be monitored for safety purposes, but it is so simple to hide messages nowadays. In order to get a full picture of someone’s phone engagement, it is crucial to see the messaging activity. Texts can be hidden in numerous ways thanks to modern privacy apps and different tricks. In this guide, you will learn about how to find hidden text messages on phone if you are an Android user.

Ways of Protecting Your Messages

Before looking at the ways of finding hidden texts, it is necessary to understand how messages can be made invisible. On you can find a lot of information about the newest privacy apps and their usage. Here are some programs that can be used for protecting your messages:

  • App Lock – this application allows creating a lock on various apps apart from the lock on your phone screen. This way you can protect different messengers;
  • Archiving messages – certain programs might have a basic feature of archiving messages. This does not delete them, but hides texts from the main app screen;
  • Secret Messengers – there are special applications that use encryption for their messages so that only a sender and a recipient could view them.

These are just some of the methods of hiding text messages on Android smartphones. And one of the best solutions to discovering these secret texts is using spy applications. Spy apps are programs developed specifically for monitoring all activities on a device. One of the most recommended applications for tracking text messages is PhoneSpector. Apart from monitoring texts, this app has other useful features. Here is what this program can offer:

  • Tracking messages – all texts that were sent and received on the device, even the deleted messages, can be accessed via this app;
  • Social media platforms – all activity on social media apps including messages can be visible and easily tracked;
  • Keystrokes – this application detects all passwords by analyzing the keystrokes on the device. This grants access to programs and accounts protected by login and password combinations;
  • Various files – messages might not only contain text. Some messages only include certain files like pictures or audio, which can be also tracked.

This spy program is very stealthy, allowing convenient monitoring of any device. Among all Android applications, this is one of the top choices in the spy apps category. Thanks to its reliable solutions and convenience, you can track all the necessary activities easily and receive quick access to hidden text messages.


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