SEO 101: SEO Tips for Beginners

Exploring search engine optimization demands extra effort and time. If you’re a beginner, you’d find it too overwhelming to process. Since it also has a wide range of tactics you should learn, you might find yourself lingering on what to prioritize first. Nobody said that SEO is straightforward. To help you with it, here are the tips you can apply to befriend SEO as a beginner. 

Beginners don’t have to be afraid of SEO as an alien strategy. Consider these tips as you go through your journey.

Define your goals

Before you dive deeper into SEO, you need to set clear goals or objectives. This is where you need to clarify what you want to target for your website. For example, do you want to increase your sales, gain more subscribers and downloads, or meet more leads? These are also called your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and they will help you run goal-directed campaigns.

Do your keyword research

SEO relies on the use of relevant keywords to your site. These are the search terms that people use to find answers to their searches online. If you want to direct your target audience to your website, then you should know the right keywords you need to include on your website. Keyword research is the key to this tactic.

Craft written content naturally

Since keywords are an essential part of SEO, you need to include them in your content. You might think that stuffing keywords on your content is hard. But do not be bothered by it and just use it the way it is. Write naturally as if you’re talking to your audience. Remember that your goal is to provide value to your visitors so you need to produce content that naturally gives them real answers and experience.

Optimize your content for mobile devices

SEO specialists tend to highlight that mobile optimization is an important technique. There are more people who browse websites using their phones than desktops. With this, you must ensure that your website, especially your content displayed on mobile devices is readable and functional. You won’t lose visitors if your website is mobile-optimized.

Utilize Google Analytics right at the beginning

SEO and analytics should always come in a partner. When you utilize Analytic tools such as Google Search Console right at the beginning, you can get an insight about your current audience, and assist you in monitoring and defining the success of your campaigns. Here, you’ll see how your users are doing on search engines and the list of keywords that lead visitors to your site the most.


Setting up yourself to embrace SEO shouldn’t be tough. As a beginner in this type of strategy, it would be better to start with the basics before you dive into the complex ones. You’ll need to spend time learning and familiarizing the ins and outs of search engine optimization. There are SEO courses that you’ll find useful and specialists you can partner with to keep you going.


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