5 Quickest Strategies to Improve SEO Rankings on Google

While the number of online users increases exponentially, it is vital to create a site that ranks higher to get more traffic. Every day, many new websites are launched, which eventually increases competition to grab user attention and traffic. 

SEO is a never-ending process that can never be completed all at once. But here, you’ll find some of the quickest way to improve SEO rankings. These ways have been tried and tested across different Search engine algorithms to prove effective. 

Provide Metadata

Metadata is descriptive text that provides more information about a set of data on your website. 

Today, websites are crawled and classified by search engine crawlers. These crawlers crawl over the website and find data and keywords to index your website. When you provide metadata, the crawlers don’t need to crawl the whole website. This saves time for them. 

In return, they provide your website a higher search engine ranking because your website and its content were easy to find and classify.

Use Alt Tags

Every website has plenty of images, and the most exciting content is hidden in images. Using alt tags is one of the quickest ways to improve SEO rankings.

Alt tags are unique tags that provide information about images. Having relevant alt tags for every image will help crawlers to identify your content correctly. 

To rank higher on Google’s search results page, you’ll need to help bots and crawlers. Using alt tags, you minimise a crawler’s task on your website, which they return by increasing your rankings. 

Alt tags are essential in labeling images on your website. Moreover, they also make your website ready for accessibility views like reading mode, where the images won’t get loaded, but the content will still justify the space.

Use Relevant Keywords

Keywords lie at the heart of any SEO strategy. Without relevant keywords, your content will feel empty, and crawlers won’t classify it correctly. 

Keywords are simple words that highlight the core ideas of a content piece. Research for relevant keywords and try to include them in your content. When you publish keyword-rich content on your website, crawlers find it easy to search over your website for a piece of content. This is directly rewarded as higher rankings.

Have Relevant Backlinks

Backlinks are links and redirects to different pages that support the original content. Google rewards pages with relevant and high-quality backlinks.

When you have a good amount of backlinks on your website, it gets easy for crawlers to classify your website into a group. So whenever a relevant search query is received, they can find your website in the group and deliver it to the users.

Keep Short URLs

URLs that are in human-readable format are perfect for SEO ranking purposes. Always try to keep your website URLs simple so that anyone can remember them, and crawlers can also visit them easily. 

It is best to stick with alphabetic URLs. Try avoiding special characters and numbers as they are hard to interpret and use. For ranking higher, try stuffing some keywords in the URL. This way, it will become pretty easy for crawlers as well as visitors to classify your webpage.

While there are tons of SEO strategies, these are the quickest ways to improve SEO rankings. Give them a try, and you’ll notice a significant boost in your website’s rankings and performance.

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