Future Trends – Streaming Media Platforms in 2021/2022

It’s 2019, and there’s a lot going on in the world of streaming media. In 2021/2022 streaming platforms will be a widely accepted way to look back at the past, present, and future. This article takes a peek into what these platforms can look like 20 years from now.

The one recurring trend discussed throughout the article is that the platforms will become less centralized because people don’t want to always have to go through an app or website to get their content. One prediction is that these platforms will be fully integrated into devices such as smart televisions or smartphones. Another prediction is that the platforms will be fully decentralized, with content stored on people’s hard drives and hosted through blockchain technology.

One key thing to realize is that in 2021/2022 we’ll still have free-to-air and paid television shows/movies, podcasts, and streams. Of course, there are also different types of content. Podcasts will have a very strong market in the next decade due to the fact that people can’t live without them, especially compared to live-streaming platforms.

The final point that needs to be addressed is that this trend is an extension of “Web 2.0” and “Web 3.0”. That means that the platforms will have improved search capabilities, improved user experience, improved security capabilities, improved sharing capabilities, etc..


10 reasons why Netflix will dominate the streaming market in 2022 (smartphones):

– “Netflix has become an essential part of our lives; we love to binge-watch TV shows and movies that we watch less than three times. Of course, it’s the highly personal recommendation engine that provides us with crucial feedback, which ultimately contributes to our decision-making. We’ve all been there-you’re halfway through a series but have a busy week ahead, so you put it off. The next day you pick it up and binge-watch the rest of the series (and some more). This process mirrors our lives as consumers, as it’s highly personal and driven by choices.”

– “Our data has only gotten better over the years; we know exactly how many people watch these shows and what time they stop consuming content. This way, we’re able to figure out exactly what a show needs to be a success. We’ve seen a lot of new content, but Netflix is still the number one platform for streaming.”

– “In 2023, on-demand video on computers and smartphones will be even more widespread. In fact, it will reach full penetration in most developed countries. At this point in time, more than 90% of all households in the US and Western Europe will have an on-demand video on their computers or smartphones. Of course, we can also expect rapid growth of mobile video consumption. In fact, the convergence of mobile computing and streaming will be one of the most important topics in 2023.”

– “In 2023, we’ll see a huge rise in the adoption of new forms of storytelling. Netflix has always been highly innovative when it comes to storytelling. The platform was one of the first to jump on the binge-watching trend, is working on original content for kids, and is planning to bring mixed reality to our living rooms. All of this is great, but it will all be dwarfed by the dominance Netflix has over linear TV; the company will bring their streaming platform to broadcast TV.”

– “Amazon Prime Video will step into Netflix’s shoes as the most important original content platform. Its content library will be one of the main drivers behind Prime Video’s success. This year, Prime Video started its international expansion with launches in Germany and Austria. However, the platform will focus on growth in the US and Western Europe. This is why it’s making an investment in original content.”

– “Some may argue that Netflix has come at a cost, but there are so many benefits to using this service. Most importantly, it was the first streaming platform to reach a global scale, which allows people all over the world to binge-watch almost any kind of content they want. Competitors have only scratched the surface in terms of global scale. The second benefit is its recommendation engine, which is highly personal. We all know that many companies are trying to replicate Netflix’s success, but they will never achieve this level of personalization.”

– “Films and TV shows will continue to be the dominant genres on streaming platforms. Although other genres like music and sports are available through streaming, this other platform will never reach the level of mainstream adoption that music streaming has.


Development of streaming media platforms

The development of video streaming apps is on the move. Apart from the OTT (over-the-top) media giants like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, there are many others in the market. Within the next few years, this market is going to be a crucial part of our lives.

The release date of streaming apps has been a long time coming – but now – after Google’s Play Store finally integrated support for native video platform apps – there are new players emerging in the space. In particular, YouTube and one of its newer video platforms YouTube TV have been talking up their plans to incorporate support for these platform apps. For more information on the development of streaming media platforms, you can check out the following article: “How to build a live streaming website“. In addition to the OTT app platforms, there are many other streaming media apps available. 


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