Making Money By Using Money: Smart Businesses Experiments

With a little bit of creativity, you can make money by using money, and then transfer those finances into your business endeavors. Some of these methods might be a little experimental, so you might have to adjust the details as you work through them, but the end goal is always going to be the same – figuring out how to use resources to loop themselves into more significant resources.

Take a few examples as ways to begin your brainstorming. You could purchase ATMs for a way of making money using money. You can try to get passive income through advertising opportunities. This sort of business model is wide open for people who are looking for some creative integrity. And then, there are always credit card deals that you can use that essentially give you money for using money in a predetermined way. All these options are ways that you can explore to shore up your business finances and acumen.


If you own a store somewhere, you could consider buying ATMs as a way for additional income. Everybody needs cash occasionally, and if you put your ATMs in the right places, you get a fee for every time people use your service. When you purchase ATMs, you’ll be linking into a greater network of financial institutions, so it’s pretty low risk as far as that goes. It’s just a matter of researching getting the most out of your investment the regular use by the population at large.

Passive Income Through Advertising

You can also make money by using money through various passive income opportunities. Essentially, you can pay to set up a website, and then you can make money by advertising the content of that website in a way that you get advertising money from people who put their material on your pages. This is a widespread way for people to explore the online business world, because there is very low risk, and it doesn’t cost much to get started with your first sets of content. It can be challenging to be competitive online in this way, but at the very least, there is a small amount of income that you can get if you find a dedicated niche.

Credit Card Deals

A final example of a way to make money by using money is by working through various cash back credit card deals. Banks and credit card companies have programs set up so that you get discounts or deals by using their cards on certain types of products or services. So if you know that you are going to be buying a lot of groceries, you make money by using a credit card that gives a specific deal on groceries. There are lots of different credit cards that have these kinds of deals, so as long as you stay out of debt, all of that is substantially free cash.



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