Shopify Analytics and Reports via Savvycube

Running an online store might seem easy. Many people today have their retail stores online and are making money by thousands every month. Many tools are available to generate and develop online stores such as Shopify easily. These are the services which allow you to develop your store without any difficulty. However, developing and getting the store to run online is not just it. You need to manage the store and enhance it.

Online stores are like real stores

You need to understand the fact that these online stores are like retail stores. If you were to manage a retail store in the real world, you would have reports and analytics and other data to work. You will have to analyze your store’s recent activity and also get an insight into your store’s visors. You will like to know which customer performs more transactions and which does not. There are so many things that you should know to make your store better.

Get online reports and analytics

Getting this analytics and reports is a difficult task. But if you run an online store via Shopify, there is no problem at all. All you need is to use the applications available online. One such application which is available that allows you to generate reports and track metrics is Savvycube. You can get the app from the Savvycube website and enjoy generating various reports for your online store.

The benefits of analytics and reporting

When you get a sophisticated and advanced reporting for your store, it will allow you to grow your sales. With these reports, you can see which product sells the most and which customers/visitors buy it. You can see which customers are the most valuable visitor on your store.

With this application, you can get the Shopify e-commerce analytics. With this analytic report, you can know how your store is doing. You can know exactly which customers purchase what product. You can know exactly from where these customers come?  Tracking these metrics is vital to ensure that you run the store successfully. With this report, you can track your revenue, net profit, transactions, refunds, fees, repeat purchase rate. The best part is, you can track the conversion rate.

Knowing the conversion rate will allow you to work more on your store. You will know where you have to work more to get the conversion rate constant. You can do this by filtering the data of the reports. There are several attributes that you can use to filter the data.

The success of the online store

The success of your online store depends on all these analytics and reports. Once you generate these reports, you can track everything. For example, if you know a certain product on your website does not sell, you can focus a bit more on that product’s marketing. It is why you should integrate analytics and reports to your website or online store. You will get all the data analytics you need for your Shopify Store.

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