In the Event of Disaster: 5 Solid Reasons Why You Should Be Making Data Backups More Often

If you have ever experienced that heart-stopping moment when you realize that your data has disappeared or become corrupted you will already understand the importance of backing up your data on a regular basis.

Those that take advantage of managed IT services for enterprises, for example, will most likely enjoy the benefit of someone overseeing their data security and if you are someone who takes a fairly relaxed when it comes to backups, you mind change your outlook when you consider these compelling reasons for being more proactive.

Could your business survive?

Some business owners have suffered badly from their relaxed attitude toward data backups and you might want to consider how you would cope if your unique records were lost.

Aside from the damage that scenario would do to your ability to trade without that information, there is also the prospect of a tax issue if you are unable to comply with requests for data and supporting documentation.

You are only a click away from disaster

Even if you are reasonably diligent when it comes to record-keeping there is always the threat of a simple mistake or deliberate attack on your system that could be your undoing.

All it takes is a momentary lapse of concentration where you open an email with a virus attached to it and you might find that all of your good work comes to nothing and you subsequently discover that your data has been compromised, or even deleted.

If you backup regularly you can recover files that might otherwise have been lost.

Loss of earnings

Another debilitating consequence of losing your data is that every moment your system is down is a time when you are not able to earn any money or function properly.

It is incredible to think that about a third of businesses who suffer a major data loss struggle to survive or even open their doors again.

Additional labour costs

Another compelling reason for backing up your data consistently is the prospect of repeating work you have already done just to recover and replace the data you have lost.

The additional hours and labour costs incurred as a result of a data loss can soon add up to a figure that easily exceeds what you would have spent on backing up your data consistently.

If you rely on application data

There are different types of data that need protecting and if you tend to rely on a lot of applications you could be more vulnerable if you suffer a data loss.

In view of the fact that data is changing so frequently within your applications, you need to have a backup system in place that keeps pace with these changes.

Automating this backup process will help ensure that you are better protected in the event of a problem.

Don’t wait for a disaster to happen, resolve to back up your data frequently, and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with being better protected against disaster.



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