In-store conversion: 4 tips to boost this key metric

Nowadays, when businesses talk about conversion, there’s every chance that they are referring to the online metric. After all, measuring the conversion rate of users landing on your website is far easier than offline metrics – which can be wishy washy at best.

For the purposes of today, we’re not going to talk about just how you can measure the number of people opting to purchase a product in your store. Instead, we’re just focusing on actionable advice to increase this number – and ultimately net your business more money.

Let’s now jump straight into some key tips that can help you along your way.

Remember the “power wall” rule

If you’ve never heard of the power wall before, it would be fair to say that it’s an interesting phenomenon.

Put simply, psychologists have discovered that there are certain sides of a shop which make a bigger impression than others. In other words, customers are more naturally going to turn to that particular side as they walk into the store. Ultimately, you need to be getting that side correct from the outset!

To make matters a little more complex, the side varies depending on your location. It has been found that countries who drive on the right side of the road have a power wall on the same side. Then, the opposite rules apply with the left side of the road.

The key takeaway here is to make a big impact with this wall; some of you might emphasize your latest promotion, while others might focus on new collections.

The art of social proof

Social proof is something that has become more and more understood over the last few years, mainly due to the internet.

This isn’t a method that just works online, though. On the contrary, Amazon have proved that this is crucial by including reviews on the shelves of their physical stores.

The above is one method, while another is investing in digital signage from somewhere like Cenareo to showcase this positive feedback from past customers for all to see.

Do everything you can to keep customers in-store

If you are going to take away just one point from today’s article, it will all be about getting customers to stay in your store for as long as possible. For every additional moment they stay in store, they are investing in you, and increasing the chances of them eventually purchasing.

You can boost this through enhanced in-store experiences, or simply training your employees to spend the “right” time with your customers (in other words, not being overly pushy).

Disguise your queue

Finally, let’s end with a quick hack. Nobody likes queues, and if your potential customers walk into your store and see a long one there’s every chance they are going to turn around.

This is one of the reasons most outlets place them at the back of the store. In fact, this is something that is even becoming more advance, with some retailers ditching registers altogether and instead taking payments anywhere on the floor in an utterly mobile environment.

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