10 Tips to be a Successful WordPress Consultant

A WordPress consultant is a person who has an in-depth knowledge of WordPress and can help clients with overall business strategies.

A consultant is not a programmer or a web designer; they are someone a business can utilize that has the experience and knowledge to help get the most results from a business website.

To become a WordPress Consultant, you can either choose to take an all-inclusive approach or choose to specialize in a specific area; it all depends on what your knowledge and skill set is best suited for.

Listed below are some of the ways to become a successful WordPress Consultant:

Learn How to Code

Being a website consultant in general requires a little knowledge about programming. Don’t worry if you don’t like to code, you just need to know the basics of several important programming languages:

Javascript: Many WordPress themes and plugins use Javascript to create faster, more interactive, and better user experience. Keep in mind you must keep your Javascript in check to avoid slowing down your client’s website speed.

HTML: This is the programming language that is used to display a document in a web browser. Knowing basic HTML is a very important skill to have as a WordPress consultant.

PHP: This is a programming language that is used as the backbone of all WordPress websites. Knowing PHP is handy when you need to make custom changes on WordPress themes or plugins. However, with the newest technology, a lot of WordPress themes have drag and drop builders so you don’t really have to know PHP to create a custom WordPress site.

CSS: This is one of the most important languages in web design because it controls layouts, colors, fonts, and more. Fortunately, just like all other programming languages, there are many free tutorials on the internet to improve your CSS skills.

Keep Up to Date with Market Trends

Both technology and market trends are ever-changing in this fast-paced digital world we live in, and the success of a business depends on the ability to keep up and change with these trends.

Business owners may not always have the time to learn all the new market trends and changes, leaving their business at risk of failure.

This is where a successful consultant can come in and help the company be successful. As a WordPress consultant, you can take the time and effort to keep track of the new market trends and provide the business owner with the information necessary to keep their website cutting edge and attracting clients.

Choose a Niche

If you have a specific niche, you are well educated and experienced, as a consultant, you can help businesses in that niche with their website and overall business activities. For example, being a WordPress or SEO consultant for dentists is much better than serving every one.

Many business owners are too busy performing other vital tasks for their business that they often seek outside help from those who have experience in their niche industry.

Companies will utilize your specific skills as a web consultant to expand and grow their business and stay competitive in their niche market.

Have a Passion in Your Niche

To run a successful business, it is vital to be passionate about what you are doing. Unfortunately, it will entail many mundane tasks in which, as an owner, you will not receive compensation for performing, including bookkeeping, emailing, customer service, or keeping up with market trends.

As a passionate WordPress consultant, you can offer your services to businesses and perform these tasks for owners and be well compensated for doing so.

Many business owners are willing to pay a WordPress consultant to take care of these tasks while they channel their efforts into other areas of their business.

Hone Your Problem-Solving Skill

Running a business and website will require astute problem-solving skills as owners encounter problems with clients, customers, products, services, or the website itself.

While this may seem like a daunting task, the proverb “two heads are better than one” is applicable. As a WordPress consultant, you can help business owners keep customers and clients happy and their business successful by educating or facilitating any problem-solving tasks they may encounter.

Learn and familiarize yourself with online tools and plugins that can help you become a better consultant.


Be Organized

Being organized is the key to a successful business, and without it, many companies are doomed to fail.

Not everyone has the proper organization skills required to run a business, and it is essential for business owners to find help with this because customers and clients do not want excuses, they want results.

If you possess excellent organization skills, you can utilize this to become a successful consultant.

Business owners who lack organization skills are willing to hire a consultant that can help to educate and advise them on how to become and stay organized, or they may just decide it is best to pay the business consultant to take care of this aspect of the business for them.

Master Networking

Finding and keeping clients and customers is no easy task, and without them, a business will be a failure. If you possess excellent networking skills, you can utilize this skill set to become a thriving consultant.

By using your networking skills, business owners will be able to reach new clients and customers and keep their business growing and thriving.

Make Clients Happy

Many businesses have a great business model and provide an excellent product and service, but sadly lack customer service skills.

If you have excellent customer service skills, you can utilize this to become a successful WordPress consultant.

As a consultant, you can choose to help educate and instruct your client on strong customer service skills, or you can handle the customer service for them.

Many business owners are busy and may not want to deal with this aspect of their business and are willing to hire a consultant to deal with customer service.

Have Persistence

Creating a business and a business website and keeping it successful requires a lot of time and effort.

Customers and clients aren’t just going to appear out of thin air, business owners will need to seek them out.

Many business owners may be unfamiliar with or do not have much experience with the lead generation aspect of their business and instead will hire a web consultant to perform this task.

The ability and persistence required to actively seek out and land new clients take time and effort that business owners may not have time to do and if this falls into your skill set, you can become a successful consultant by performing this takes for businesses.

As a WordPress consultant, you can work with the business owner to attract new customers and clients, ensuring that both you and the company are successful.

Be Available

Building and managing a successful business website means that products and services will be available 24/7, and potential, as well as current clients and customers, will expect you to be available around the clock as well.

Business owners may find that they do not have the time required to perform this task and are willing to pay someone else to do it.

As a consultant, you can perform this task for a business and manage many customer concerns via text messaging and email, allowing the business owner to focus on other tasks.

In a global market, successful companies need to be available around the clock, and you can become a successful WordPress consultant by performing this task.


While many business owners may have the knowledge and skills to create and manage a business’s website, they may not always have the time needed to make sure the website is working correctly and attracting customers and clients.

You can perform the task of running and maintaining the website, allowing the owner to focus on the business itself and the day to day responsibilities that come with owning a business.

As a successful WordPress consultant, you will not build or program the businesses website; you will monitor the site and ensure it is working correctly and be compensated for this as well as performing other website related tasks that business owners may not have the time or experience to perform.

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