How You Can Shoot Professional Videos with Your Smartphone Camera

Smartphones have come as a wave of fresh air in the world. Not only have they made it really easy for users to communicate with each other, but they have offered other benefits as well. For instance, the camera that many smartphones possess is at par with some of the best digital cameras across the globe.

This disruption has generated multiple uses for your phone, other than just calling and communicating through it. You can use your phone to click a good photo and record a good video, without stepping out of your comfort zone.

You can literally use your phone to click a video with just a couple of taps. Open your camera and shoot as many videos as you want. However, there are obviously some tips you should keep in mind to get the most out of your smartphone video experience. Here, we list down these tips to get you going and to assist you in your quest.

Keep Your Lens Clean

The lens on your phone is a significant component of the photo and video shooting abilities of your camera. Any camera, professional or that on a smartphone, has a lens that should be looked after with due care. The state of your lens, including how clean it is, defines the quality of your pictures, and the result from your videos. Thus, before you start setting the parameters and build a frame, you should ensure that the lens is clean and free of any scratches or debris.

You can use any soft cloth to clear the ‘eye’ or lens of your back camera. Special wipes for optics would work perfectly fine over here. Shy away from using your t-shirt or your jeans to clear the lens, as they can multiple the damages.

Horizontal Shooting

Many smartphone owners don’t know of the correct position to hold the phone in while shooting a video. People tend to shoot their videos in pretty much the same way that they hold the phone in; vertically. Vertical videos might look good on the smartphone screen, but they get messed up later when you try to transfer them to the computer.

Hence, it is best for you to practice horizontal shooting methods, as that not only enhances the frame area of your camera, but also ensures that you can transfer the files to your computer or post them on YouTube, without worrying about the repercussions.

Have the Right Format

While you might do everything right as far as the shooting is concerned, it is best to convert your files to the right format before you shift them to a computer or try to post them on YouTube. You can change the file extension to a universal one to ensure optimal use for your promotion campaigns.

Shooting videos through smartphones is quite the rave, which is why these tips will help you get into a whole different exclusive category of your own.




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