Boost Your Productivity in 2019

The start of a new year always inspires people and motivates them to achieve big things. But as the months roll by, enthusiasm naturally wanes and our momentum starts to flag. You may have started off the new year fired up and ready to be more productive, but may be wondering now how you can sustain this motivation. Here are a few practical ways to ensure you have a productive 2019:

 Have a Dedicated Workspace

This doesn’t necessarily mean a permanent workspace. If you are a freelancer, remote worker or small business owner, you may not have a permanent home office or workspace just yet. This just means setting aside a space—any space—that is specifically reserved for working. It can be difficult to concentrate or get any work done in a coffee shop or similar environment that isn’t really designed for working. This is why a virtual office like the Common Desk is the perfect solution.

Common Desk offers coworking spaces and office rental space in several locations including Deep Ellum, Fort Worth, Plano and Dallas, TX. All their locations are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities to keep you productive and motivated. Coworking at Common Desk also gives you the chance to interact and collaborate with like minded individuals who can boost your creativity and stimulate connectivity.

 Eliminate Distractions

It’s extremely difficult to focus and get work done when you’re surrounded by distractions. Chatty coworkers, noisy office sounds or excessive foot traffic can break your concentration and make it impossible for you to finish your tasks. If you work from home, family members or neighbors dropping by can also prevent you from focusing on your work.

Make sure to set clear boundaries and communicate with the people around you so you can focus on the work you have at hand. If you work from home, make sure your family and friends are clear about your working hours and when they shouldn’t disturb you. If you work in a traditional office, politely inform your colleagues when you will be unable to answer phone calls or entertain visitors to your office.

Try and eliminate as many distracting sounds and sights as possible. If your office or work space is situated near a noisy area, you may want to listen to music through earphones to drown out the sound. If you have a lot of people passing by in your line of vision, consider rearranging your seat so you won’t be distracted by the sight. Do whatever you need to make sure you can focus on work and labor uninterrupted for long periods of time.

 Set Clear Goals

Don’t just set big, overarching goals. Break bigger tasks down into smaller chunks and set mini goals to check off a list before you accomplish your main goal. Breaking large tasks down into smaller tasks helps you feel less overwhelmed, and you will feel encouraged and more motivated the more small tasks you knock off your list on your way to accomplishing your main goal.

As you can see, these are all simple, practical tips that can make a huge difference in your productivity. Don’t forget to take short breaks between long gaps of work; striking the right balance will keep you from burning out, and will help you accomplish more in the long run.

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