How to Make an Online Event that Stands Out

As more and more events are choosing to move online, it can be harder to stand out from the crowd and make sure that you attracting the correct audience. This means making sure that you take the time to promote it, that you have a sales page that is simple for a checkout process, and that you give attendees the information they need. Putting together an outstanding event can take time and effort, but that extra care can go a long way toward helping your event succeed.

Here’s how you can make an online event that stands out from the competition.

Promote well in advance

One mistake that many event promoters make is not taking the time to promote their events on social media well before they actually happen. You might think that because it is so immediate that you can promote a few days before, but that isn’t always the best strategy. You should be building up to your event by posting at least several weeks before and encouraging your attendees to interact with your posts, as well. This can help you gain interest and even lead to an early sale.

Create a quality sales page

You will have to weigh whether or not it is important for you to host your sales page on your own website, or if you want to have it available on another platform. Many find that if you have a sales page on your own site, you can get better metrics through a WordPress event registration plugin, which can help you when you are putting together events in the future. Make sure your sales page is simple and that it has plenty of white space so that your potential attendees aren’t overwhelmed.

Make the checkout process simple

If your future attendees have to go through a difficult process of putting in their information, then they might end up backing out at the last moment. The more difficult you make your checkout process by having your customers move from one page to another, the more difficult it can be  to have them fill out their credit card information and to actually buy tickets. If you can have everything on one page, that is typically ideal since it allows attendees to complete checkout faster and more efficiently.

Follow up with information

When you keep your sales and checkout process simple, you might not always be able to enter in the information that you would like. This is where you will want to follow up in an email and send them an additional requirements that they might need to join including passwords, time zone information, and whether or not they need to mute their mics. You can do this through an email or through a PDF that you send to attendees after they have registered.

In summary

Your online event can be so much better when you have taken the time to consider your checkout process, sales page, and your overall marketing strategy. Once you have done this, you’re more likely to have an event that attendees can’t wait to be a part of.

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