Tips How to Write Accomplishments on Your Resume

Your resume is incomplete without the details of your accomplishments in previous jobs and positions. Stating your achievements is different from writing about your duties. With your accomplishments, you can prove to your prospective employers that you can undertake the job descriptions. Professional resume writers from Resumes Planet warn that writing about your responsibilities without achievements renders them irrelevant in a resume.

Writing accomplishments and job duties sometimes look similar and complex to differentiate. Effectively writing a resume without misplacing the content of accomplishment and duties is a skill to acquire. 

Your next resume can be the beginning of your journey to landing your dream job. We advise you to search for a trained resume writer when you get hooked while writing a resume. 

Professional writers have the skills of writing a resume to elucidate what employers are looking for in an employee. Consider these guides and observe how your next resume can fetch you a competitive job and salary as applied.


Employment duties are mostly related to job descriptions. Your responsibilities at a job are simply the positions or roles you occupied. It illustrates what you are expected to do on a job role. Job accomplishments, while they might seem similar to job duties, are different. They modify your responsibilities. Your job accomplishments are what you have been able to achieve by following some steps. They describe your job duties and how you fulfilled the responsibilities. For instance: as a logistics and event manager, part of your task might be to organize and plan a school empowerment event. Your accomplishment can be formulated as ‘hired, and deployed dedicated volunteers to participate in a school empowerment event.’

Recruiters are aware of what duties are attached to a job role, so emphasizing your responsibilities will be stating the obvious. Inputting your achievements will highlight your abilities. Your resume is to market you to your potential recruiters.



Before you write that marketable resume, compile the list of your resume content. List your previous job and your position. The points should also include the extraordinary duties you performed outside your usual responsibilities and beyond your colleagues. You can add your previous rewards/awards to your accomplishment statement. If there were times you initiated an innovative procedure, state them with your outlined point.


For the points you have previously compiled, quantify them with numbers. It is good you also render your accomplishments that involved numbers, facts, and figures as they were. For example, if you planned an event involving money, input the accurate financial values in your list of accomplishments. This demonstrates your responsibility, workability, and prudence to your recruiters.



Recruiters want to hire employees who will bring value to their company. When you write your job accomplishment, ensure you include the benefits of these achievements to the company or business. Including what your previous employers gained from your accomplishments will make the recruiters grasp how you will increase their value.

Since the application process nowadays became more competitive, exploring a minimalist resume can be the best choice also to present a brief and standout skillset. Always ensure your resume positions you as a candidate with accomplishments and not just another applicant with no difference from the crowd.


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