How GS1 regulates Barcode Technology

The world of barcodes is a vast and extensive one. There are a huge variety of different kinds of product barcodes such as EAN codes, UPC codes, ISBN & ISSN numbers, Code 128 barcodes, ITF 14 barcodes and QR codes. Businesses throughout the world use barcodes in order to assist in sales transactions as well as stock control. QR Codes are used extensively in the new app called SnapScan that allows people to pay via smart phones rather than using money or card. The Manufacturing industry uses barcodes to monitor and control the progress of each item along the production line.

Due to the high use of barcodes in every area of life, it has become necessary for a system or governing body to monitor, control and regulate the use of all kinds of barcodes. GS1 is a non-profit International organisation that has created standards to regulate the chains of supply & demand across every sector of industry throughout the world. The barcode as we know it was pioneered by GS1 in 1974 and it controls the use of barcodes throughout the world.  All barcodes must be fully registered with GS1 to be valid and legal.  Companies become member organisations of GS1 in order to legally register barcodes and make use of them and barcode stickers in their business. GS1 works with all kinds of different industries but most specifically retail, healthcare, logistics, foodservice as well as transport.

GS1 lays down standards that are proven to be valuable and these standards benefit greatly from working together with international companies as well SME’s. GS1 assists companies by allowing fluid data exchange between them – in an attempt to create a common language between companies all over the world.

GS1 works with several international standard bodies and governments in order to promote business interests and regulate the use of barcodes throughout the world. GS1 standards produce a foundation for businesses by identifying and capturing important information regarding locations, assets and products and sharing this information throughout the world.

GS1 has four different goals:

  1. Identify

GS1 classifies identification codes that are unique. These are otherwise known as GS1 identification keys. These identification codes are utilized by businesses to access data such as physical location, logistics and service relationships.

  1. Automatic Data Capture


GS1 shares information between businesses throughout the world. This information includes business transactions, physical events and communication standards.

  1. Use

Businesses combine various GS1 standards in order to ensure that their business processes flow smoothly.

GS1 allows business partners to share all their company data with each other.  When suppliers and retailers make sure that their databases are up to date, everyone’s database gets updated. Therefore everyone has access to a pool of data which helps to ensure that business operations flow as smoothly and efficiently as possible, thus maximising profit.

If you, as a business, would like access to this pool of data and resources, it is necessary to join GS1. This neutral directory monitors the connections and makes sure that the data is unique. It also makes sure that GS1 standards are complied with.

There are several benefits related to joining GS1. It provides access to much needed and trusted product information. Joining GS1 ensures that you will comply successfully with health regulations and standards. It reduces the manual processes and eradicates errors. Another benefit is that it cuts down time errors and data management and lessons distribution costs. In addition it allows new products to be introduced to the market in an effective and efficient manner.

At Barcode Solutions all of our barcodes are fully registered with GS1. As our customer, you become a member by proxy rather than a personal member of the GS1. We one of the only legal barcode resellers and, as such, we know the market exceptionally well. Therefore, we are fully able to provide the best quality service at the best rates. You will not regret choosing us as your barcode provider!





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