4 Types of Content Every Blogger Should Create to Boost Traffic and Conversion

110 million.

That’s how many unique visitors Huffington post registered last month.

Yup, unique visitors and not the page views.

Don’t you think it’s insane?

What are these successful blogs doing which you don’t know?

What do they do to get hundreds of millions of unique visitors on their site?

How these successful blogs are making so much money?

How do they write content that goes viral everytime?

Estimated monthly revenue of Huffington post is $14,000,000 according to Forbes.

Well, the answers are many but one of their main reasons we’ll discuss here in this article.

Their content marketing strategy.

Content marketing is nothing but the way to present a content.

It’s basically the story telling.

How well do you present your content before readers?

How organized are they?

Do they help your readers get some quick wins?

Well, after writing thousands of articles over the last 2 years and analyzing them, I have come to realize that there are only 4 main types of content that actually boost traffic and conversion of a blog.

And they are –

1). How to’s –

How to articles are the type of content that teaches readers how to achieve a result they’re interested in.

They are one of the most famous type of content among content creators and bloggers.

It’s because it serves one and only purpose which is to help reader get some quick wins in the shortest time possible.

How to articles are one of the best ways to build your authority and credibility among your readers as well.

Go right to the point, stop writing high school reports and readers will love you for that.

This type of content is written by almost every blogger but only those will be rewarded by Google who have better search engine optimization.

One small tip – When you write How to article, put your focused keyword at the very beginning of the headline and its SEO title.

 2). List posts –

List post are one of the most shareable content types which can be value packed in a very less time.

They are the complete eye rollers.

People just love it because it doesn’t take much of their time and readers get the information they seek as well.

People share these types of content like crazy.

So, creating lists post is a complete YES-YES for every blogger who wants to get lots of traffic, shares and engagement on their blog.

3). Case studies –

Name says it all.

It’s actually studying the people who are the best at something and then breakthrough their strategy and try to implement on yourself or others.

It’s like stories of someone achieving a result your readers are also interested in.

For example –            

Building Confidence after a Heartbreak. Case Study.

How to charm a room like (celeb or expert)?

It’s a no brainer to click and consume the information if you’re really a fan of particular celebrity.


You can also try your own experiments and research studies and share it with your audience.

This also gives you the authority status in your niche.

Cause not everyone can create case studies.

4). Interviews –

 This one will make you an expert in the eyes of your readers in no time. Yes, content make you an expert but this is the fastest way.

Even if you think you’re not big enough to take interviews of successful and well positioned gurus in your niche that doesn’t mean you can’t reach out to them.

Experts love to be interviewed as it will give them new leads and potential customers for their business.

So do not miss out on this. Have interviews with experts in your niche and put it to your readers which they can benefit from.

If not video interview, you can have an email interview as well. You just keep contacting them on emails until they get ready to answer your questions via email.

You can send them all the questions at once and after few days they will email you with their answers which you can put it on your blog and gain authority and credibility in no time.

You just have to have your name connected to them and you will be benefited.

Actually, it’s a win-win for both.

So, apply all of these. Create these types of content. Mix and match with these 4 and soon you will notice an increase in monthly users and engagement on your blog.

​Comment and let me know which one of these are you going to create your next content.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

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