Here’s Why You Need the Best Modem Router Combo

The Wi-Fi router and cable modem are two essential components of your home internet network. The modem connects to your ISP and handles establishing consistent service. After establishing a stable connection, the router will then distribute the internet at the preferred frequency. These two devices, when combined into one streamline internet usage. And anytime you encounter a problem, it’s more efficient to reboot a single device than two. 

What are the benefits of getting a modem/router combo?

Regardless of your ISP, you can choose to either rent or buy a modem or router. And before you decide to get one, it’s essential to understand how you’ll enjoy a modem/router combo.

  • First, a combo device like recommends will take up less room and connects to a single wire or cable. This means it’s easier to organize, especially when you’re dealing with an already crowded space.
  • Setup is also easier, if you rent it from your ISP, they will take care of all the work needed to get the device running. 
  • Depending on the provider, combo boxes may come with extra features that you can’t get if you buy a unit. 

Of course, you also need to consider the cons of using a combo router and modem. You may not be able to access custom features only available with separate units. Replacing either one of the devices is also easier. For instance, you can choose to upgrade your router but use the same modem. Conversely, you will typically change modems when up upgrade your service provider, but not necessarily need router replacement. 

Factors that impact the performance of a modem/router combo

The performance of a combo box depends on several factors. Although there are product specifications, these only refer to ideal conditions. So in choosing a unit, focus on the following:

  • Network or frequency. Most combo units work on the standard 2.4 GHz frequency. But today, 5G is becoming more common. 5G is faster, but network availability varies from location to location. So, it’s best to have a router or modem that supports both. 
  • Optimizing certain activities. There are some units or models that will allow you to assign which activities to focus on. For example, you can prioritize gaming over ordinary online browsing. Having this option is a good way to manage traffic and to prevent lagging when you’re playing games or streaming movies. 
  • Internet speed. Choosing speed depends on your activity. You don’t need the fastest Wi-Fi if you’re only using it for routine online browsing and occasional streaming. You may also want to pay attention to the ratio of upload and download channels available. This way, you’ll have a better idea of how internet traffic works when several people are using the same network. 

Lastly, when figuring out which combo router and modem to use, you also need to consider security. Some units allow you to separate guest access, in case you have friends over who also want to use the network. For families, it’s always good to have the option of adding parental controls. Most importantly, a firewall can add a layer of security to your online activity. 



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