Future Advancements in Mobile Phone Technology

The technology of mobile phones is coming further and further as the years go on. Many are wondering what is in store for the ever advancing mobile phones in the next five to ten years. Looking at an old phone that was around ten years ago and how they have advanced today is already a huge technological accomplishment. During Mobile World Congress 2018, there were many discussions going on about the future of mobile phones and how far their technology will progress as the next few years go on. Many manufacturers predict that huge technological advancements will come to mobile phones in the future. The evolution of the mobile phone has come so far technologically since the old phone that everyone flipped up to open. Smartphones are getting smarter and smarter, so what will they be able to do years down the road?

Industry research has allowed experts in the field to make some predictions in regards to the technological future of mobile phones. Below you will find the five predictions experts are currently making about our smartphone devices..

1.Many experts predict that our phones will become smart enough to recognize their owners. There is current new technology being tested in regards to facial recognition, which can make it hard to hack or fool. This new technology will scan the contours of a person’s face and head. Experts even say that this could even advance as far as your mobile phone knowing your movements, tone of your voice, or pattern of the way you type.

2.Your mobile phone may be able to project images into the real world and shift reality.

What would it be like if you could actually see how that new couch would look in your living room from your phone? Or how that new dress you want to buy actually looks like on you? This could all be a possibility several years in future. Our phones may even have holographic capabilities as there have been manufacturers working on these developments.

3.Mobile phones will be made more durably and more flexible. Some mobile phones in the future may even be foldable.

There has been much discussion that manufacturers want to create and sell a phone that will be very hard to break and owners may even be able to fold it up in their pocket. Many manufacturers are looking for ways to strengthen the glass on mobile phones and make them more durable. Researchers are experimenting with more durable materials for the glass of mobile phones. Graphene glass and sapphire glass are just a couple of types of materials that researchers have been looking into.

4.Charging your phone all the time and phone chargers will be a thing of the past.

Imagine not having to worry about your phone dying and not having to have your charger with you anymore. Manufacturers are currently researching ways to solve the problem of battery life on mobile devices and sell phones that won’t need chargers at all. They have come up with many possible solutions to this problem such as hydrogen fuel cells, solar power, nanobatteries and kinetic energy. This could lead to such a great advancement in the technology of mobile phones. Mobile phones could charge with just the movement of your body several years down the road. Manufacturers are currently working on limiting the phone charger altogether and eliminating the charging port so that your phone can charge wirelessly and faster.

5.Virtual buttons will soon be present and virtual assistants will take on bigger roles.

Many manufacturers are planning to make the smartphones of the future with no buttons and all screen. Your mobile phone’s virtual assistant will become even more intelligent and intuitive. These assistants may even be able to help you personalize your phone based on your patterns.

These advancements in mobile phone technology will likely happen, but manufacturers are not sure when. Whenever these advancements happen it is sure to say that our mobile phones are going to bring exciting key advancements in artificial intelligence and technology into our future.


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