5 Apps and Gadgets for Parents to Keep Their Kids Safe

The technology in the world is advancing with each passing minute. This advancement in technology has put parents in an awkward position. Some advancements are threatening and scary for the parents as they don’t know how to keep their children away from it. 

There is a solution to every problem. When your kids will grow up, tech will help them with custom writing during their college years. And technology has brought a solution to the parents to take care of this problem as well. Technology has helped parents a lot to keep an eye on their children especially when they are at work and away from their children.  

Without going into more detail following are the five best apps and gadgets that will help parents in keeping their children safe.

1. Chaperhome: 

Chaperhome is a safety app that keeps parents and children connected while they are away from each other. It sends automatic alerts to the parents when children need their help or in some threatening situation. 

This app is super easy to use for both parents and children. Children can send their parents a pre-journey notification using this app along with their location during the journey. 

While on a journey, children can send you updates by simply using the timely taps in the app. In case of danger, children can send alarm which will alert the parents by not pressing the timely taps in the app. 

2. eKavach: 

It a digital parenting app that enables parents to monitor the online activities of their children. It keeps a complete record of the sites visited by children, the time they have spent on a specific website, the application used by children, and any new application installed or deleted. 

You can call eKavach a complete notebook of all the online activities of a child on a mobile phone, tab, or laptop. It helps parents to have a look at children activities and take the necessary steps that keep them safe. 

Parents can also block some sites or apps and limit the time spent on a specific site through this app. 

3. Angel Child Monitoring: 

This is one of the best gadgets that helps parents to keep track of their children. Angel Child Monitoring is a GPS and GSM based device that children can carry like a mobile phone with them. It is used to monitor the location and surroundings of a child. 

GPS is used to track the location of a child and update the parents if a child is out of safe zone. Safe zone locations can be set by parents in the device. Another feature of it is parents can call on it anytime and the call is auto received without ringing. Parents can listen to what is happening in surrounding without the knowledge of children and people around him/her. 

4. Kid Place: 

This is an app that is specifically used when little children are using their parents’ gadgets. It allows parents to launch the parental control and block the application that they don’t want their children to use. It helps in keeping them the privacy and block the adult content for the children. 

It is quite easy to use. Parents need to launch the app before giving their gadgets to a child and it will work. It keeps parents away from the hassle of checking the child’s activity every two minutes. 

5. Talkative Parents: 

Keeping a connection with the other parents of class fellows of your child is important. Teacher parent meetings at school is one way to keep that connection, but there is a need for more frequent interaction between parents. This interaction is necessary for school information, fee schedule, sharing resources, tuition, and academic options.  

To solve this problem, the Talkative Parents is the app that helps parents to interact with other parents of the same class children. It is just like a social community platform that helps parents to remain connected and discuss different issues related to the children education. 


These are a few apps and gadgets that are best and must be used by parents to keep a balance between control and freedom. There are many other apps as well that you can explore on internet. 

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