The best places to sell your old tech

As the years go on we are being forced into a future full of technology. Soon everything in our home will be operated by a single remote. As simple as one click of a button sounds, there is a something deeply complex about stepping into the ways of the future. You have to buy into the new technology. Your home is not going to change on its own. Another big issue is you will have to eventually dispose of your antique devices because they were not built to respond to the new software. If this ever becomes an issue, you’ll need to know where to get rid of your old stuff. Some of the best places to sell your old technology include the pawn shop, the flea market, and your online store.

Pawn Shop

The pawn shop is a great place to find some of the oldest and newest technology. People come into these shops daily to exchange decent goods for cash. The more valuable your item is, the more cash potential it has. Some pawn shops intentionally collect vintage items, so if you have something special you could walk away with some nice cash. Don’t pile up your back seat in a hurry though. Shop around first, step inside and ask what types of items the shop is accepting. The lines can be long at times and you don’t want to waste time and energy hauling all that stuff in and back out if you get denied.

Flea Market

The flea market is a fun place to find a precious gem. Vendors sell all types of goods in these places. If you’re interested and you have enough items you can try to sign up for a both and sell all of your products off your own little table. Flea markets are open to the public and they tend to have tons of traffic every day. Something of yours is bound to catch someone’s eye. On a good day, you may even be able to sell quite a few items at a time.

Online Store

An online store is probably one of the easiest ways to sell your old technology. Take flattering photos and inventory your items. Once you place them online with a detailed description, online shoppers can take a look at your products, ask questions if they need to and purchase your items. The only thing you will need to do is package the items and mail them off to the respective buyers. If you set up your store on a site that already sells these types of items then it should be long before you get the opportunity to ship your items off to their new owners. Items such as mobile phones have special buyback programs they can be in. These programs are offered by phone carriers. You can recycle the phones and receive a few dollars, or a credit towards your bill. When it is time to buy your next latest phone, you can also save a little by finding the biggest deals on


The time will come for you to part ways with all of your old technology. Some of it will be worth keeping, especially if you are considering selling it on your own. Always consider the value the product will have over time. In the meantime, for daily functioning items that you just have to get rid of considering going to a pawn shop, setting up a vendor booth at a flea market, or creating an online store. As long as you are selling good working products, they will sell pretty quickly.


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