5G Availability: Phones & Providers Currently Offering the Network

5G is the latest marvel in technology. The fifth generation mobile network will change technology forever, facilitating advancements like AI, VR, and automated vehicles. It is no surprise that phone companies are vying for the most 5G real estate. A few select companies have rolled out 5G capable phones and key mobile providers are offering 5G contracts and plans. Until the technology becomes widespread, here are the options for getting a 5G phone as soon as you want to.

Available 5G Phones

By far the biggest company to offer 5G phones is Samsung. A South Korean company, the country is leading the world in 5G technology. They have multiple 5G-capable models available. According to the site MoneyPug, which is known as a platform to compare mobile phones, Samsung has 5G models in various sizes and with different features. They are the dominant phone maker in the 5G market, with Apple falling behind in this regard.

Huawei is another Asian phone manufacturer that is making big leaps in 5G. The Huawei Mate 20 X 5G is available on contract currently, and it is affordable. At 36 pounds a month, there is also the option to extra data. Huawei is another leader in 5G phones, but the political situation surrounding the company reveals some uncertainty. For example, Huawei has been accused of being an arm of the Chinese surveillance state. This has put political pressure on allies of the US, especially the UK. The US government is urging all allies not to work with Huawei, especially when setting up 5G networks they will have to control.

Apple has kept quiet about 5G phones, but they always do before announcing new products. Sources indicate that they are working on a line of 5G-capable iPhones. They are also working with Qualcomm to set up their 5G networks. While the company doesn’t seem to be in a rush to dominate 5G, they have a loyal group of followers who will buy their products. Still, with 5G, the faster a company buys up 5G real estate, the larger their resources will be. You can count on Apple to have something up their sleeve, expect them to make an announcement soon.

Mobile Carriers

There are a few mobile carriers providing 5G-capable plans, and they’re getting ahead of the rest. Perhaps the most central company for 5G in the UK is Vodafone. They were the first company to offer 5G plans in the country. They have been setting up networks, with 6 currently running 5G networks across the United Kingdom. Vodafone is offering the most options and plans. They are winning out with affordable 5G plans that come with broadband. It has few true competitors, but EE is right behind them.

Other than Vodafone and EE is Three, which is talking a big talk when it comes to 5G. They are claiming to be the only company providing “true” 5G. This is because they have 5G spectrum holdings. Three bought different 5G radio frequencies so that no one can up clashing with the same frequencies. Buying an enormous amount of these radio waves, more than double the next carrier, Three has big ambitions for 5G. With so much bandwidth, Three’s speed will likely be much faster than other companies. While they have a lot of ownership of 5G frequencies, only time will tell whether or not this strategy will work.

Another company offering 5G is Sky Mobile. They were second in the UK to announce 5G plans, starting in November they will roll out contracts using O2’s network. Providing equal coverage, this means that six cities will get the network soon. 14 more cities will be up and running by the end of 2019, and 50 cities will have it by next summer.

5G is the network of the future. It will facilitate all kinds of new technologies, including remote surgeries, automate vehicles, faster VR response, and much, much more. Those who are getting in early on 5G will likely see a lot of success. Yet it is still too early to tell who will come out on top. The fact of the matter is, if you want to hop on 5G right away, you can get a 5G-capable phone and plan today.

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