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Can you imagine not having an online presence? It’s practically unthinkable for any kind of business today not to have an online presence. The internet has created an alternate reality in which a large percentage of today’s human population spends most of its time.

To give you a statistical idea of what we are talking about we will look at a few numbers. As of today, it is estimated that a million new users are initiated into the online world every day. This means that by the end of each year, we would be seeing over 360 million new additions to the already massive online user population.

We currently have about 4.39 billion people who use the internet. That is not including all those who own mobile phones. Mobile phone users are put at about 5.11 billion. You can get all the details here.

With all these stats, it’s pretty clear that not having your business, cause or whatever you do online is not the most intelligent decision unless of course your goal is to stay away from people. If, however whatever you are doing needs to reach people, then you most certainly should make every effort to build your presence online because that’s where you will find the people you are looking for.

What You Need to Build an Effective Online

So what exactly does it mean to have an online presence? For businesses and most individuals, this means having a website. It could also mean simply having a social media presence. However, serious minded businesses will have their own website as it will give them the freedom to design it exactly the way they need it to be so as to ensure their business goals are met. Given this, we shall refer to online presence in this article solely as having a website.

Since in this article we are focusing on owning a website as the online presence mode we will be discussing, we need to ask ourselves this important question – what are the factors or features that make a great website?

There are a number of important components that any website that will qualify to be called a great website must possess. Let’s look at a few of these components.

A Creatively Apt Graphic Design

Practically everything about a website is visual. This means that you have to get this right. Your color choices, brand logo and other graphics must tell the story you want to tell about your brand. This must also be something that will be attractive to your target audience.

You gain absolutely nothing if your target audience does not get or understand the message you are trying to send with your graphics. Get this right and you will be half-way home.

A Great Website Design

The actual design of your website involves both the graphics that we mentioned above and other functionalities. We are talking about layout, navigation and other things that affect user experience. Your users MUST come away from your site with reluctance because of the immersive and user friendly nature of it.

Everything should be clearly laid out so that a visitor knows exactly what to do to get to the next action or page.


This has to do with whatever your business or organization is offering. The functions on the site must make it easy for your visitors to take that action you ultimately expect of them. It could be making a purchase, signing up for something or clicking a button somewhere.

If they are making a purchase, the functions should make this easy so they can pay without stress. If they are uploading a file they should be able to do it without stress. If the function that your site is supposed to perform is not operating at its best, you are most certainly going to lose a lot of folks who tried but couldn’t get the action done.

Other Factors

There are other important components like content. This could be text, audio or videos. Whichever it is has to be on-point. There is also the issue or responsiveness which allows your website to be easily accessible on mobile devices and other browsers.

There is also the issue of page load speed and other such factors. All of these must be in place to ensure the best experience for your visitors. Then and then only can your website be classified as great.

You can get a lot more tips here:

What CityTech Offers

One of the things that make it easy for any organization to build a great website is working with professionals who know exactly what needs to be done. A good example in this case is CityTech.

This is a company that is way more than a mere web design outfit. This is your one-stop shop of your IT needs. It is an IT company that offers you a full bouquet of all you need to succeed online.

It begins with building your brand image using creative graphic designs to tell the story of your brand and what it stands for. It then moves on to designing a website that is simple but efficient in delivering to your target audience the best online experience possible.

To achieve this, the company employs the best in various fields who then deliver their expertise in the different components required to deliver a top performing website.

It does not end there. For functionality, the company can employ whatever tech needed to develop the exact functions required by your online business. This could involve the creation of complex software solutions that are custom built just to meet that specific requirement of your business.

When done, CityTech delivers a website that is secure, stable and really fast. You also do not have to worry about any issues coming up as they provide you with the best of support to ensure you continue to enjoy the very best experience.

If you are really serious about establishing an online presence that won’t just be part of the statistics, then you should ensure your project is handled by professionals who know exactly how to make your website stand out.

This is exactly what CityTech offers you. It will employ the use of latest designs and user experience trends, state of the art tech as well as a communication channels that ensure you are always in the loop, communication your exact needs at all times to ensure a perfect delivery.

This is the easiest way to take your business to the next level.

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