How effective is link building when it comes to driving traffic and increasing rankings?

The importance of link quality in web positioning cannot be overestimated. Before starting any link building project within a web or SEO positioning strategy, we must be sure that the links will not only have an impact today but will continue to have a positive impact in the future.

This means understanding what makes a link valuable and why. The link building strategy is fundamentally based on the fact that one of the factors that most influence when evaluating the ranking of a website is the number of incoming links it has. Thanks to it, it is also possible to measure the number of people looking for something using a specific keyword. And therefore calculate your demand. But it also allows quantifying the effectiveness of the positioning of a brand in search engines.

The Link Building offers many advantages for all those who develop it. First of all and, as I said, it helps to position the brand. In this sense, it is worth highlighting evidence: if a brand manages to appear in the best positions when a user performs a certain search, it will also be better positioned in the minds of consumers.

When search engines analyze a web page, they extract content to add it to their search indexes and thus be able to determine if a website is of sufficient quality to be indexed by the relevant keywords. In this process, links from external websites are analyzed, as well as the quality of those pages.

Therefore, the more links that point to your website from other relevant pages, the probability of appearing in the search results increases. To increase relevance, scrupulously analyze the textual content that accompanies the links to decide if both are related and if there is consistency with the content of the pages to which it points. Original content, well written, with a previous investigation close to excellence and relevant for its valuable contribution.

Quality links can send a huge amount of traffic, and also contribute to high rankings in search engine rankings. But there is much more. Attract valuable and qualified visitors to your web page, which is ultimately the fundamental objective of any internet marketing action, with the positive consequences for your business and the return on investment that this entails.

In addition, the investment in link building provides visibility while the link and the web page from which it points are active. Send referral traffic throughout its useful life, unlike online advertising and other marketing techniques.

In short, the construction of links is of vital importance for SEO positioning. Therefore, although it requires time, effort and, on many occasions, a certain economic investment, this strategy should not be lacking in any online marketing plan since it will depend, to a large extent, the success of a certain web page.

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