Can a Faraday Cage Protect My Computer Equipment?

You have probably heard of a Faraday cage before. You may be unsure how effective they are and when exactly they work. A Faraday Cage primarily is there to protect your electronics. If you have computer equipment that you want to stay safe, you will want to use a Faraday cage! Keep reading as shares what a Faraday bag is, how to utilize one, tips on purchasing one, and even the history.

A Faraday cage is connected to the ground. A bag you are able to bring around with you places. The cage is used to blog electromagnetic waves from affecting your electronics and anything else in the cage. It stops any outside signal or network that your electronics is otherwise connected to. If there is an open air in the cage, it will not work. That is one of the reasons why the cage needs to stay completely sealed.

How did Faraday cages come about? Although Benjamin Franklin did not invent them, he was the one that originally experimented with things like it and with electricity. He noticed during an experiment that when he put a ball out of a can it would go towards the can. Once Benjamin Franklin put the wall inside the can, the call was no longer wanting to be taken towards it. Franklin made these notes but did not actually invent the cage. Michael Faraday was the one that actually invested the Faraday Cage, hence the name. In 1836 the Faraday cage began assisting people with enclosing their electronics so it was not being affected by any electromagnetic attacks.

Protecting your computer and your computer equipment is very important. You are able to isolate them thanks to Michael Faraday’s invention. Make sure they are disconnected from charging. If an EMP happens and they are charging, the appliances will be overloaded because the shock will go right to them. This will cause them to fail in the future and have permanent issues.

A Faraday cage protects electronics by reflecting the pulses elsewhere and also absorbing any incoming pulses. You see, the electronics will naturally attract the pulses and that is why it is important for the cage to also attract them, but since the pulse cannot get through the cage, there is no effect on the electronics.

There are many ways to check to ensure your Faraday cage is working. Simply place your cell phone inside the cage and make sure it is sealed. Then call it from outside the cage. If the phone is ringing then the cage is not going its job and will not work in the case of an electromagnetic shock. The call should not work and be dropped.

Many people do not see the point of a Faraday cage. They believe they are apart of nature and happen regularly, so why does this make a difference. Although this is true, they do happen regularly, these shocks are all small ones. That is not what the Faraday cage is protecting you from. A Faraday cage is protecting your electronics from larger shocks that will take out all electronics in a specific area. There’s no telling when it will happen and that is why it is best to always be prepared.

Some people believe they already have a form of a Faraday cage, their car. This is not true. Your car will be affected by an EMP. Your car is controlled by a computer, and even if you have one that is underground, it still has a computer in it and will be affected.

Electromagnetic pulses happen very regularly, even daily. Typically, they are not affecting us enough to cause any damage. When one is powerful though, there is no warning, the short burst will suddenly happen and damage your electronics, including your computer and computer equipment. Whether the EMP is man-made like a nuclear attack or a natural shock, both will result in the same thing.

There are courses of action that should be taken. First, you should ensure your computer is not plugged into the wall or charging at all when it is not being used. You should turn the device off completely, not just have it on sleep mode. If something were to happen, this would still affect it. Another great idea is to use a separate area for each device you have but to connect all of the divided to the same point. If your computer or any other piece of electronics is more sensitive, try and keep it away from other wires and metals. To keep things separate, you can also have more than one Faraday cage

Now that you know a little more about what an EMP is and what a Faraday cage is, it’s time to learn what your next step should be.

If you are ready to protect yourself and your family from an electromagnetic pulse, it’s time you invest in a Faraday cage. This will protect your computer from any event. If you are very worried it may still go through, you can add a layer of aluminum on the outside.

As you can see, a Faraday cage is so important for the case of an emergency. If an electromagnetic pulse happens, if you are not prepared you will be sorry. Once one happens to you, you can’t undo it or run to the store and purchase a Faraday cage. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to do your homework and research what you want beforehand.

Our experts are trained to help with electromagnetic pulses and finding a Faraday cage that will work for them and their needs. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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