5 strategies to think of new content ideas

No matter which niche your blog may belong to, sometimes you may find yourself struggling to generate new and innovative ideas for blog posts. This is an inevitable part of owning and operating a blog. No matter how frequently you update the blog and add more blog posts, there will come a time when new topics will just not come to you and trying to find new and innovative ideas to improve your blog will seem impossible. In case you become worried about this stalemate of sorts, according to Healthy Links & VM Interactive here are five straightforward and easy ways to think of new content ideas:

1.    Most frequent questions

No matter what your niche is, there will be a specific set of persistent questions about your niche that will be asked on the internet regularly. These sets of questions can obviously change but can help you decide what sorts of topics your new blog posts should focus on. This can also help you garner a lot of organic traffic as well if other blogs have not yet catered to these questions yet.

An excellent tool to use to search for or identify such frequently asked questions is Answerthepublic. It helps you narrow down and look through all the questions asked regarding your particular niche on search engines across the world.

2.    Google News trends and trending topics

Another great way to find new blog ideas is by looking through new patterns or pieces of news on different search engines. An excellent way to go about this is to set up regular news checks or trend checks in your particular niche or to set up Google alerts that can help you track any new developments, trends, or pieces of news that could help you create more content. This is particularly useful for when you want to stay ahead of your competitors and create and publish new blogs before other website or blog owners in the same niche.

3.    Highest shared content in your niche

In each niche, different topics or themes get the most attention and shares online. This may be dependent on the quality of the content, the following of the webpage or blogger, and the timeline of publishing as well. New and innovative content shared by bloggers that have a wide audience will automatically get more shares.

Any sort of content in your particular niche which is being shared a lot is a prospective new topic for your blog, which can also get you a lot more shares too.

Buzzsumo and Social Animal are two tools that can be used to find such topics and themes which can help you get more topics and more traffic as well.

4.    Twitter and social media

Social media platforms such as Twitter are a great way for you to understand what sort of topics will get more shares and what kind of topics do better with your particular target audience. Since social media linking within blog posts automatically enhances share-ability and caters to a much broader audience base, this method of finding new topics and trends to focus on based on what does well on social media can prove to be very useful. Social media platforms, especially those like Twitter, are often the first places where trends are discussed, so being active on these platforms can give a blog owner a lot of insight into their clientele, and what sorts of trends are being followed by them.

5.    Audience response

The last, but perhaps one of the most effective, methods of finding and searching for new topics and innovative ideas for blog posts is by asking the readers. There are always going to be things that your readers would like to know about, or new trends that they would want you to cover. Your reader base can help you find new topics, and often the best way to go about this method is by searching through the comments on blog posts or directly engaging with them by asking them in a blog or on social media. Whatever they want to read is whatever will get more ranking on search engines as well.

The blogging world has a lot of content coming in every single day. It is impossible not to come across a time in which you have difficulty finding new topics and ideas for content. For those times, the five methods mentioned above can help any blog owner get through it and continue to create content that supports their business, and their blog grows steadily.

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