5 Marketing Tips For Small Business Owners

If you recently started your own business, you may need ways to find customers. Here are five tips for marketing your business and growing clientele.

 Word of Mouth Is not Enough

Once upon a time, people could get away with word of mouth marketing. However, in the digital day and age we live in now, word of mouth is not enough. If you own a small business that people are not aware of, you may need to start utilizing other forms of marketing. Using a website and social media can help raise awareness much faster than word of mouth.


While you shouldn’t rely on your customers to spread the word of your business, you should rely on yourself. Word of mouth alone isn’t enough, but if you combine social media and website marketing with networking, you may be surprised by the influx of business you’ll receive. Networking is essentially reaching out to everyone you know and telling them about your business. Your network should consist of your friends, family, and previous coworkers–people who know and trust you. Reach out to these people through Facebook, LinkedIn, or at social events to let them know about your business.

Ask for Reviews

When a customer buys one of your products or uses one of the services you offer, ask them personally to leave a review. Having a QR (quick response) code on a card to give to customers as they leave that leads to a place where they can leave a review is a fast way to encourage them to say something about your services. If they leave an email or number, use that to send them a link to leave a review. Reviews help entice other people to visit your business, plus, they let you know how you are doing and what areas may need improvement.

 Partner & Giveaway

One way to spread the word about your business is to partner with another small business. Pairing up with another business to host a giveaway on your social page can be an excellent way for people to discover you and what you do. A partnered giveaway usually pairs one of your services with one of theirs. If you owned a bakery, maybe you’d partner with a beauty salon for the perfect mother’s day gift giveaway of a discounted salon service and a gift card to your bakery.  Many giveaways require people to follow both business pages and tag their friends to win. Giveaways can gain a lot of attention and you’ll earn plenty of new followers in the meantime.

Web Marketing

One of your priorities as a small business owner should be to utilize your website. Web marketing helps your website have a higher listing on Google when people are searching for you or the services you offer. Content marketing on your website by using your blog can help you rank higher for keywords, as well as actively updating the information on your website so it is up to date. You can also outsource or guest post to other blogs and magazines to direct more traffic to your site. If you want more advice on how to market your website, consider hiring a web marketing team for their expertise.



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