4 Email Trends That Are Worth Your Time

Trends in email marketing are changing all the time — implement these trends and take your emails to the next level. 

Email marketing has overcome all the obstacles put in its way. From the introduction of social media marketing to increased regulations, it’s withstood quite a few battles in its day and it’s going away anytime soon. 


That means that companies need to continue to look at email marketing as one of their top marketing tools. It’s not something to simply set and forget, it needs to be monitored, changed, and updated as your customers change. 


That’s why it’s important to stay ahead of email marketing trends. Things such as automation, mail merge technology, and testing opportunities will set you ahead of the competition. In this article, we’ll take a look at 4 different trends that are worth investing in to keep your email marketing alive and well. 


Here’s a quick look at the trends we’ll cover:  

  • Personalization and list segmentation
  • Accessible email design and content
  • Cross-channel marketing opportunities
  • Using advanced technology 

Email Marketing Trends to Know

Your customers receive tons of emails every single day. That means your goal is to stand out in their overflowing inbox. While that might sound like a nearly impossible thing to accomplish, it’s feasible with the help of a few email marketing trends.


Let’s take a closer look at four trends that are worth your time and investment. 

Knowing your customers and providing them with their own personalized experience will improve your engagement and boost sales. Image courtesy of Pexels.

  1. Personalizatization and List Segmentation

You hear people trying to kill email left and right. “Email is dead,” they say, but that’s actually not the case. It’s simply changing and many companies are not changing with it — making their email marketing ineffective or “dead”.


The truth is, the days of sending your entire email list generic, boring mass emails are over. In today’s marketing world, you have to take a more personalized approach and appeal to their wants, needs, and interests. 


You need to implement list segmentation and personalized content for those groups. The more relevant the emails they receive, the more likely they are to interact and engage with your emails. In fact, according to one study using segmented and personalized email campaigns can generate 58% of all business revenue. 


That means you not only will see improved metrics, like opens and click-through rates, but you will also expect to see an increase in revenue as well. That’s a win-win in our book. 

Without the proper accessibility, customers who need assistance understanding emails will not receive the message and may end up frustrated. Image courtesy of Pexels

  1. Accessible Email Design and Content

Accessible is just as important in email design as it is in any other web design. You need to make content easily digestible for customers with a disability. This includes customers across all disabilities from impaired vision to hearing loss and everything in between. 


When you consider that an estimated 48.9 million people have a disability in some form, forgetting to take the extra step to design accessible content can be detrimental. In addition to that, there can be legal ramifications when you produce web content that is not accessible. 


Here are a few things around accessibility to consider when you’re designing emails: 

  • Clearly outline what the goal of the email
  • Always use alt text when images are included
  • Large text can improve readability
  • Use colors appropriately and provide contrast
  • Make sure navigation options are easy to find and consistent


Implementing accessible design and content into your email marketing will not only help increase sales and reach a wider audience, but it will also improve the customer experience with your brand. It’s definitely a trend to keep your eye on. 

You can integrate multiple channels into a cross-channel marketing strategy that will expand your reach and improve customer engagement. Image courtesy of Pixabay

  1. Cross-Channel Marketing Opportunities

You’re likely already using multiple channels to communicate with your customers — why not bring them together? 


Cross-channel integrations allow you to use several channels to reach your customers and increase engagement. These channels can include your website, social media channels, mobile, and even in-store promotions.


Depending on your goals, your cross-channel marketing can be as simple as linking up your social media and email content. But it can also get as complex as running an in-store event, promoting and running a related email campaign, and using paid media through your social channels. 


The more diverse your marketing strategy is, the more likely you are to hit the right touchpoints with your customers. It also allows you to build brand awareness and provide your customers with a comprehensive brand experience. 

Learn more about your customers and how they interact with your brand through advanced technology — then use that data to improve your emails. Image courtesy of Pexels

  1. Using Advanced Technology 

It seems like every day there is a new technology available to improve your email marketing efforts. With that being said, new and advanced technology should always be on your radar to help you improve your current email marketing. 


Right now, the most talked-about technology in the email marketing space is artificial intelligence (AI). This advanced learning technology lets you decipher and analyze mass amounts of data and use that to form your marketing efforts.


With the help of AI, you have the ability to hyper-personalize content, continue to learn from your customer behaviors, and predict potential outcomes of customer interactions. It’s truly a technology that will improve your engagement and take your email marketing into the future. 

Ready to take your emails to the next level? 

Provide your customers with a better email experience and stand out from the competition by staying ahead of these four email marketing trends. Even just making the move to one of these trends will help better position your brand. Whether you choose to improve personalization, accessibility, or start using advanced technology — you won’t regret it. 

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