Why Social Media is a Powerful Marketing Medium Top 5 proven reasons

More than 7 Billion people now exist on planet Earth. More than a billion users have accounts and these people stay online for a long time.  This becomes an opportunity for many marketers, sellers, resellers and other kinds of business minded people. Because of the volume of people surfing around in social media sites, marketing companies and the departments that constitute it crowd over to these sites. However, what is so special with the many people rumbling on around social media sites?

You may be wondering how it is that social media marketing drives more sales today. It is true that since the bloom of social media, people have raised their marketing and sales statistics. As an example, social media is predicted to increase its budget for marketing to be raised from 9.9% to 22.5% in just five years., so it is key you invest in a good marketing company like Yakety Yak. What makes social media the best medium for marketing? Stick around for the 5 reasons that completely give you a better insight.

1.    There are many people on Social Media

As said above, 1.59 billion accounts exist on Facebook alone. Add 400 million from InstaGram and another 320 million from twitter and you have a crowd bigger than China’s population. This advantage does not go to waste with marketers, though. They capitalize on the fact that social media is already a booming society and its population will only continue to grow. Though the majority of people here are Millenials, they are regarded as the ultimate customers nowadays.

So, what does a marketer do? They go to where people are. The essence is actually like this: the more people reached by your advertisement, the more chances it will produce sales. Imagine performing in a crowd of people. Not all may adore your performance but some may do. The more you reach, the higher the probability that you’ll gain a dedicated audience. Since social media is already a self-sustaining society, a number of people will surely see any advertisement here.

Marketers also believe that this population will only continue to rise. As more and more people seek to be more connected, marketing becomes a lighter task. However, marketers should be careful with the content they produce. Since you will be in view of billions of people, you can change their impressions about your product with a single advertisement.

2.    People influence others by Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is not eliminated in social media. 64% of marketing executives believe that it dominates over other forms of marketing. In addition, 92% of the people believe recommendations more than they believe other forms of marketing. Try posting a feel-good video in YouTube and watch it grow to a million views in just a day. This is because people can now share videos, posts, photos, and even your page on their timeline. When they do, you become visible to the people they are related to in some way.

Word of mouth makes your advertisement a living organism over the social media sites. All you have to do is post it. Boost it for a while and watch it take flight like a matured bird taking over the skies. If you can perfect your facebook marketing strategy and content, you already have a milestone covered – Good Reputation.

With the recent additions to social media, it becomes so much easier. The “like”, the “love”, the “subscribe”, the “follow” and other buttons in sites can automatically recommend your page, video, advertisement, etc. to their friends. This means that your product will gain fame without the need for much effort at all. You just have to produce great content that everyone will love and you just have to wait for it to bloom into a beautiful picture.

3.    You immediately become global

Families, friends, colleagues, schoolmates, and acquaintances do not come from just one place. They can be from any corner of the world. Remember the word of mouth? Your global expansion may come from producing just one form of advertisement. If it clicks with the audience you target, you immediately market to all their friends local and abroad. With people putting you in a good word, your brand becomes famous globally without the need to think of how to market there.

One good example would be the partnership of Topshop with Facebook and InstaGram. It got 2 million viewers across 100 countries. This allowed their site to gain absolutely astounding traffic. Many of their collector’s items were sold out within hours of the live stream.

4.    You connect with your target market

If you want to gain a dedicated consumer to adore what you offer, you can use social media! Many pages and channels already try to connect with their fans as well as their long time customers. Companies and brands may present advertisements by releasing different “challenges” like the “Ice-bucket” challenge. They offer discounts or raffles that give free items away. This allows them to be more connected with consumers, in line with what their market likes, and deliver all their wants.

When marketers already know how to connect with their audiences, all they have to do is take advantage and adjust their market strategies. Marketers also get the opinion of the people in social media. With just a single comment, they will know how their new product is doing. This includes the opinion of the people as well as how their brand looks from other perspectives.

5.    Social Media collects data

Data and knowledge are one of today’s most important tools. Social Media sites collect information from people (with their permission) and give it away to marketers for a price. This way, marketers already understand how they should adjust their very own marketing strategy and keep their advertisements spot on.

This reduces the chances of marketing to the wrong audience, allows them to read the trend of the market, and improve their sales by predicting the flow of sales. Simple demographics like how many people have subscribed to channels, how many people liked the page, how many people shared a video, etc. can be vital to the adjustment of the strategies.

Lastly, the data collected among users can be used to improve products. Sometimes, it is not about the marketing strategy and the customer service. It may have something to do with the product; it may lack what the customers are looking for.


Social media sites are steadily becoming the ultimate medium for advertising and marketing as a whole. With well-planned strategies and good content, marketers can take over their audiences’ trust and promote their brand easily. A brand can become global with the correct tweaks to its advertisement as well as connect with their audiences as they grow.

Ride on with social media. Don’t miss out on the many opportunities! If marketing on social media sites is very easy, imagine what you can do if you put bigger efforts on it.

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