Meeting Manners- 3 Tips to help you make the most of your team meetings

 Meetings are an all too common occurrence in workplaces nowadays. Many of these are time consuming and boring with many people turning up and contributing nothing except for consuming a few crackers.

Team meetings have to be worthwhile and interesting enough for people to not only attend, but contribute and be productive team members.

Here are 3 tips to make the most of your team meetings and turn them from an unappealing chore to an essential and fun component of the workplace.

  1. Setting

First impressions are critical and that is why an appealing meeting space is so important. A dimly lit, old meeting room with not enough chairs, an old table and limited Internet connectivity can make a team meeting much more tiresome than it needs to be.

A Servcorp meeting room is a professional environment that is the ideal setting for all business appointments. Such meeting rooms are within prestigious and architecturally phenomenal buildings with spectacular views that will take the breath away of clients and employees alike.

Audio conferencing is booming at present and your meeting room needs the most cutting edge audio-visual equipment on the market, something which Servcorp meeting rooms provide. High speed broadband, catering and refreshment options are just three more reasons why meetings conducted in premium, high-quality meeting spaces such as these are producing excellent results for businesses and engaging employees and clients better than ever.

  1. Vary the agenda and the lead

It is imperative that the leader of any meeting shake it up from time to time. If possible, allow different members of the team to chair a meeting so that fresh voices are brought to the fore. Everyone has his or her own personal style and this is what makes everyone unique. Being unique is engaging and will maximize meeting productivity.

Start your meeting with an impactful opening. Something that will grab the attention of your meeting room from the outset. Move on to presenting recent results and how they have compared to goals that may have been set.

Keep your meeting interactive. Teach your room something new that they didn’t know when they entered the room. This will ensure that people leave the meeting room with a positive mindset because if they have learnt something worthwhile, they are more likely to attend with gusto in future and become more productive team members.

  1. Keep to time

Invest in a large clock, a loud stop watch or multiple simultaneous alarms. Keep everything in your meeting to time. A short, sharp meeting is usually a good meeting.

There is nothing worse than sitting through minutes upon minutes of chatter, reports and goal setting. If your meeting room break up into small groups to discuss concepts, set them a specified time period to report back to the team and stick to it.

Serviced meeting rooms can be another great way to keep to time as bookings are made for specific time periods and won’t allow for too much added time. This ensures that you aren’t unnecessarily occupying the time of your clients or team members whilst also ensuring you are executing a succinct meeting.

Gone are the days where meetings are frowned upon and the most distressing and boring part of your workday. Meetings have been totally transformed by the emergence of premium meeting spaces, which take all of the hassle out of meetings and transform them into spectacles both visually and intellectually. With hundreds of locations available worldwide, hosting a meeting in a Servcorp meeting room is easier and more beneficial than ever.

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