Why it’s important to build strong relationships between you and your employees

We all want to work for a company where the relationship between you and your seniors is strong and trusting. Sometimes employers can lose touch with their employees and it starts to make them feel undervalued and like their skills would be more appreciated elsewhere. Behind every successful business is a team of dedicated employees, who are at the forefront of delivering work on time and to a high standard. On most occasions this isn’t just down to hard work, but good communication between management teams and the staff members they oversee.

Communication within any business is key and without it, it can have a negative impact on both employees and the company itself. Whatever your role may be within a business, you may have wondered why on some occasions, new members of staff leave their role after a short period of time. This won’t happen in every company, but it’s more common than what you’d think and the reasons behind it can reflect badly on the business. It’s worth remembering that some employees only last a short period of time because of their negative attitude towards work or due to a legal matter. If you’re an employer and dealing with a delicate subject with a member of your staff, then Citation Employment Law Experts are on hand to give you all the advice you’ll need.

If you’re an employer or senior member of staff and wondering why new employees are leaving so soon, then the following points may be of use to you.

70% of 18-24 year olds often leave a new job due to bad management.

To uncover the reasons in more detail, we surveyed 1,000 members of the UK and found that bad management is the main reason why new employees leave their role. Surprisingly the highest age bracket was the youngest at 18-24, which could give you the impression that younger members of staff aren’t as well looked after, compared to their older colleagues. Everyone wants good management within their role and it’s important employers remember this. Regular review meetings and appraisals are one way of keeping in touch with your employeesand making sure they’re happy and coping within their role.

Annual leave is one of the most valuable benefits to UK employees.

We all look forward to taking time off work, whether it’s a day to rest or to jet off on holiday for a week. Most companies offer a generous amount of annual leave, but not every employee is that lucky. Most companies offer 20-25 days holiday to new starters, with extra days being added on for every year of service. A small amount of company’s offer around 21 days holiday with no option to increase and this can sometimes deflate employees. As an employer, it’s worth making sure you offer an attractive annual leave package to keep existing employees happy and attract new starters as well. Adding additional annual leave for each year of service, gives employees something to aim for and feel appreciated.

Why should employers have a good relationship with their staff?

Being able to communicate with your employer makes your job a lot easier and more enjoyable. The last thing any employer wants is to find out they have lost members of staff due to poor management and a lack of communication. Above we have outlined just a few reasons why employees leave a role so soon and what they value most. These are simple changes you can make, which will hopefully create a happier and stronger workforce.

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