What is cross channelling in digital marketing and why is it important

 More people are online than ever before.  What’s more, people online are constantly switching between different devices, a trend that is growing continuously.  Yet, people online still expect that personalised experience no matter what device they are using to access internet.

What does this mean for your digital marketing strategy?  Simply put, you need increased connectivity between all your digital marketing channels.  This is where cross channelling is important.

 Why do you need cross channelling in digital marketing?

  1. Drive increase in sales–Cross channelling gives your customer more opportunities to connect with you much more than a single channel digital marketing strategy will allow.
  2. Cost efficiency–The vast majority of internet users own a smartphone. Cross channelling digital marketing allows you to keep your operational expenses at a minimum when you know how your customer is accessing the internet.
  3. Support your customer’s choice of access–Connecting with your customer via their choice of being connected is so important, therefore having a cross channelling approach in your digital marketing strategy supports your customer’s choice.
  4. Quick response time–Consumers are presented with a wide variety of choices to purchase via the internet and can be carried out in a matter of seconds. Cross channelling digital marketing allows you to have a continued quick response time to your audience.
  5. Increased interaction with your audience–The number of digital touchpoints that are available to consumers are ever-increasing, this means that ways to interact and with your audience should be via more options than ever before.
  6. Improved data collection and analysis–A cross channelling digital marketing approach provides a more cost-effective way to collect more data and therefore a more streamlined analysis of this data.
  7. Retargeting and remarketing – Internet consumers prefer an integrated marketing approach where they expect business to provide a seamless user experience every time they engage.
  8. Better return on investment (ROI)– Multi-channel digital marketing strategies generate up to 24% increased conversion rates.

Top priority in digital marketing

Cross channelling should be a priority in your digital marketing strategy as advertisers have many ways to market their brand, service or product online, which includes search, display, social media, mobile and video.  There’s also the point that multiple device types must be considered, which include mobile and desktop.

While your digital marketing strategy most probably includes one or two of each, you should expand your strategy to include all of the above mentioned to make sure you are reaching the right audiences at the right time.  One way to achieve this streamlined approach to include cross channelling in your digital marketing strategy is to complete a digital marketing course.

Finding your target audience

Relying on a single digital marketing strategy can limit you reaching your target audience.  It’s a fact that your prospective target audience is exposed to various channels, regardless of their location, age or gender.  Cross channelling in your digital marketing ensures that people can learn about your products and services no matter what device they use to access the internet.

Four keys to implementing successful cross channelling digital marketing

Many digital marketers are still trying to lean the best way to use cross channelling in their digital marketing strategy.

Here are four main points to achieving this:

  1. Visibility – Being visible is the prime reason for cross channelling in digital marketing as internet users are moving more frequently between devices and channels;
  2. Measurement – The ability to measure a cross channelling digital marketing campaign is vital, as knowing your customer’s touchpoints is key to a cross channelling digital marketing approach;
  3. Personalisation – Personalised seamless cross channel customer service is ranked one of the most important points of digital marketing.
  4. Optimisation – Part of your digital marketing campaign is knowing your customer’s online navigation, for example, knowing what landing pages, services or products drive your internet traffic to the next step of making a purchase.

Your brand will become more recognised when cross channelling is used in your digital marketing as your target audience is able to reach you on various media channels and through varied devices.

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