What Customer Success Metrics You Need to Be Able to Track

When you want to deliver the best possible customer experience, then you need to have ways to measure whether or not your processes are working. Customer success metrics can inform you on where you are meeting your customers’ needs and where you can do better. In order to know which areas you need to improve, you’ll want to think about how you onboard your new clients and your expectations for them.

 Here’s how you can evaluate whether or not your customers are successfully onboarding and feel satisfied working with you.

Business metrics

Unless you are a big enterprise, your customer happiness is probably going to be the biggest indicator of whether or not you have successfully worked together or not. However, it is worth looking into your revenue, retention, and any gross upsell you might have had while your customer has been working with you. When you can show that your efforts have increased income, then you might have an easier time keeping them onboard than if you have no clear efforts to show for your work.

Adoption metrics

Adoption metrics are useful when you have an app, product, or course that your customers will use on a regular basis. It’s important to see how many users have actually implemented your product or service and how many continue to use it over a period of time. For high-value clients, you might want to check in and see if they have any questions about your product. Even sending out a simple email to those who have not accessed it in a while can be a good way to determine if they care getting value out of it.

Outcome metrics

Most products offer a result, and as a business, you will want to track how many people have found success with that result after using yours. After your customers have had a few months to use your product, make sure to follow up with a survey through email where they can let you know if there are features they don’t like or haven’t used. They can also share with you success stories, which make great testimonials and offer you insight into what your business is doing well.

Other metrics

There are several other types of metrics you can use when evaluating whether or not your business is properly catering to clients. One of these is how often you tended to hear from them in regards to the onboarding process and whether there was confusion on how to use the product. This can say a lot about how you interact with customers and whether you can provide them a better experience when they are coming to you for the first time.

In summary

Every business needs to consider how they are handling customer interactions and whether or not they are providing them the services they need in order to succeed. By taking some time to evaluate different metrics, you’re setting yourself up for positive relationships that will last for years to come.

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