What are UTMs and why they are important for digital advertising

Digital marketing is evolving every day and sometimes it is quite challenging to catch up with everything it entails. You read about it a lot when you have your own online business as the marketing strategy is one of the pillars of any company’s success. And when finally you start to think you have already figured it all out you bump into some new concepts or ideas and you feel like a newbie again.

However, sometimes you actually find out about something what you have never heard of and which turns out to be so easy to implement and so powerful that in your head there is only one question “how could I not bump into that earlier?”. And that’s the case with UTMs. Have you ever heard of them?

What does UTM stands for?

UTM is short for Urchin Traffic Monitor (or Module) and is a sort of a system to keep track of links and URLs. UTMs are simply short coded text fragments at the end of URL that monitors the success of your marketing campaigns in Google Analytics. They are completely free of charge and let you choose the campaign parameters to check where the visitors on your website come from.

They haven’t been that popular until it became clear that the owners of digital business can use them to check the efficiency of their campaigns and it is actually one of the best parameter to do that. Implementing them does require some additional effort as you have to start to use Google’s URL Builder. Nevertheless, they are definitely worth a shot. The best thing to start is just to go through some guide for beginners like https://landingi.com/blog/utm-basics-and-how-to-make-the-most-of-it-in-7-easy-steps. And now let me convince that you should definitely do that before your next advertising campaign.

Importance of UTMs in advertising

As mentioned – if you don’t equip yourself with UTM parameters, or rather you don’t equip your URLs, you won’t be able to check the traffic sources on your business website. Without setting UTM you get everything in one report which is sort of a big bag full of things and it is impossible to differentiate the most important one or the least crucial for your success and effectiveness of your marketing campaign.

Without this information you may struggle to track the campaign’s efficiency and to see what advertising type is the best for your audience. With UTMs you can easily understand which of your Facebook ad is most effective and attracts most people to your website or that your recent Facebook post attracted unusually huge traffic to your website.

UTMs tracking provides you with extremely valuable information which you can use to improve your marketing activities. If you see that one ad is a lot more popular than the other you can start to think what are the differences between them. Is it the subject? Or maybe the style of the ad? Or maybe the colors used (as colors in advertising have a huge significance and you should use them carefully). UTM makes it possible for you to think about it well and tailor your marketing campaign to the audience expectations.


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