What are the essential SEO points for a website?

What are the essential SEO points for a website?

You can optimize your website for the various search engines. But there are significant points you must follow. You also need to understand that SEO is a continuous process, which means everything about your site, from content to images, must be SEO-friendly. Taking notes of the relevant SEO points can make your website to stay relevant when the Google Algorithm is updated. So, even if you have a professional looking website like the US essay writers, following these critical SEO points can help improve your site ranking or you can take help of Bliss Drive SEO agency.

  1. Conduct keyword research

The era of keyword stuffing might have ended, but keywords are still relevant. Thorough keyword research will give you insight on things you targeted audience are searching for on the various search engines.

You need to find quality keywords for your website. It is one of the vital SEO points you should give proper consideration from the first post that goes live on your site. Get details such as search volume and keyword difficulty to have an idea on the result you may have from using a particular keyword.

  1. Meta description

A Meta description is also an essential SEO point for a website. But unfortunately, many people don’t bother about this aspect of their website. The Meta description is the first part of a site that visitors find before the rest of the web page. So, it is essential to put up a well-drafted Meta description for your website always.

A captivating Meta description can convince visitors to click further to consume your content. From your Meta description, they will have an idea of the kind of information they will find on your webpage. It is also critical to avoid errors or grammar mistakes when writing your Meta Description. You can also add your primary keyword in this section of your post, but make sure it fits in naturally.

  1. Mobile-friendly website

The number of mobile device users is on the rise. So, expect that a significant amount of visitors will come to your site through their mobile devices. Creating a mobile-friendly website for your business is essential. And, ensure things like your contact form and other relevant information are easy for visitors to spot. People should find it easy to fill and submit forms on your site via their mobile device.

  1. Image optimization

Images also play a vital role in any search engine optimization effort. An entire section of Google’s search result is dedicated to pictures, to give you an idea of how Google treats images. So, always optimize your images using the right keyword and caption.

Using keywords on images should not give room for keyword stuffing. You can get penalized for that. Also, ensure that your pictures do not take too much time to load, and their ALT should be filled out correctly.

Like buying term papers online and owning the right, you should only use images you have permission to use. You can get royalty free images online or purchase copies online. On the other hand, if your image depicts a man wearing a sunglass, don’t caption it as buy sunglasses. Trying to prove cleverness can hurt your reputation. And it is not a good optimization practice.

  1. Unique content

A well-drafted content is vital for search engine optimization. Engaging content will not only increase your reputation. It can get you more exposure and traffic, as visitors read and share on their various social media accounts.

Regularly posting unique content can boost ranking. But your posts must be unique and engaging. They should contain relevant information, not fluffs. And, using bucket brigades, you can captivate and make your visitors spend more time on your webpage and thus increase dwell-time. The longer visitors remain on your webpage, the higher the dwell time will be.

Dwell-time is the average time visitors spend on a webpage. And Google uses it to determine the quality of your content. For instance, a lower dwell-time is an indication that particular content doesn’t contain much information and will not rank high. Google aims to improve users experience, and therefore, will not rank a poorly written post higher.

  1. Social media integration

Social media is a vital source of traffic for a website. There are tons of widgets you can add to your site to make social shares easier. After writing your content, you can have them displayed on your various social media accounts with a simple click on the different social media icons on your website.

Your widgets don’t have to be everywhere. Just try to place them where visitors can easily see them and take action.  Integrating social share buttons will benefit your SEO effort in the long term.


The domain age or age of a site is another SEO tip that is very vital. So, if you want to succeed online, don’t try to change your domain name often. If you have any content that needs fixing and that received significant traffic in the past, you can work on it, instead of deleting it entirely. By doing this, you will be able to keep all the backlink, social shares and other optimization benefits it has earned already. And finally, adhering to the other tips on this post can help make your SEO effort more effective.


This article outlines essential SEO points bloggers, and online businesses owners should follow when building a website. They are simple tips that can crown your SEO effort with success. Neglecting them can affect your site ranking and other SEO benefits.

BIO – Alice Yoon is a passionate social media marketer with interest to help businesses grow.

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