10 Ways to Boost Your Business with Video Marketing

Suppose an entrepreneur is not harnessing the value of video marketing, then their business is wasting a lot of time. Most of the people today were online for the most of their time. It is not the market which has to rely and depend on TV ads and print media for marketing business these days. The technology has been changed enormously so as to make complex things simple and more accurate.

ITU(International Telecommunications Union) research came to a conclusion that over 3.63 billion users were there till today. So, it is supposed to reach the target audience according to the preferences. In another retailing research, it came to a notice that 81% of buyers conduct research online before purchasing something. Henceforth, it is clear that the internet is made to focus more on marketing effectively.

A new and fast-growing video marketing helps to increase sales, encourage small businesses, build engagement. With the existing marketing techniques, it is said that video is a type of content marketing. Today, 50% of the users look video rather than reading the description. With all the positive vibes of video marketing, it is suggested for any business to make it as a part of their business. It incorporates into the budget in many ways.

Here are the top 10 ways to boost business with video marketing:

  1. Get connected to the mobile audience

Create videos that are mobile-optimized. Since 90% of the users watch videos online through their mobiles. By posting a video, not only it helps to showcase the business but also bring relative potential customers to the business. Show the audience that the promotion is made based on the trends and experience. According to Google, 53% of mobile phone users feel comfortable watching video on mobile phones.

So, engage more with the mobile audience. Possessing mobile-optimized videos can eventually initiate in improving customer trust in the business, consequently the sales.

  1. Teach something useful in video or offer instruction

Teaching some skills through a video tutorial that may help those people who ought to find some solutions to their queries. It can indirectly help them to learn a few unknown facts and make them beneficial. This automatically brings back the user for the next time when a video is posted in the tutorial. However, it creates satisfaction and increases loyalty.

  1. Add interactivity

Genuinely, interactivity is affected when a video is posted on the website or blog. The benefits if interactivity is created to boost engagement and increase conversions. Online video editors can be used to develop interaction among the visitors subsequently.

Try to provide control for the users while watching the video. It can be made by adding a clickable call to action or in-video capturing in the video.

Allow Timestamps that helps to skip unnecessary parts in the video. Add image linking in the video at certain intervals. Also, add links to the content that directs to another page that includes the details clearly.

  1. Increase visibility

The present marketplace is extremely competitive and is creative to survive. Driving organic traffic to the website is made easy with the visual content which is handy these days. With the attractive and creative video can boost brand awareness and this improves the sharpness in the content of many social media platforms.

  1. Improve click-through rate(CTR)in emails

It is suggested to feature videos in the emails. Embedding videos in the email can increase CTR by 96% and the open rates are increased by 5.6%. Video tracking helps to track the kind of content that has to placed in the email whereas it allows observing the users interaction like when they open, comment on the video. The videos may not be lengthy and a quick message about promotion and upcoming sale should be elaborated and explained.

  1. Versatility

The information that is included in the video may or may not contain complete information but the main intention of a video is to deliver a quick message and create engagement with the users. Whether the video might contain the product launching information or the reputation based information or entertainment for the audience in different areas, indirectly the concept is to acquire and drag user’s attention.

  1. Increases Google Search Ranking

Video enhances the time spent by the user on the website. Even though the benefit is provided in another area of the website, lead can happen to rank high on Google SERP.

It is known that Google has owned Youtube, so it is a great way to push the website ranking to the 1st place on the Google search page by embedding a video on the website. Make sure to add interesting titles, tags, description along with the beautifully managed content in the video. Add backlinks so that the interested users may directly approach the website for more information.

  1. Include a case study

Case studies are a great way to attract the audience. Usually, the users are most likely to investigate the past of the company when they have a new interaction. They dig out more information before their engagement. So, it is better to add history and past information into the video like customer reviews and their success stories. These may grab the impression of the company and bring out loyal and potential customers within their reach.

  1. Create trendy thumbnails and add annotations

Video annotations are a great source for bringing out traffic to the website and is made simple via YouTube. To attract audience add thumbnails and a lot of recommendation videos all towards grabbing the attention.

For that, add thumbnails, make sure the title is visible on the thumbnail, and make it distinct. Don’t include more images instead add a few presenter’s faces. And use annotations that go beyond the expectation.

  1. Repurpose the most effective videos

There are many perceptions that users love. Some of them usually like podcasts, some likes infographics, and a few like to read an article.

With a successful video, there is a lot more to gain maximum ROI. So for doing that promotion is not enough, repurposing is what matters. Sometimes it is suggested to convert the videos into a series of blogs, slide deck, audio content, a downloadable PDF, and an infographic.

It may not be hard to recognize that it is already posted in these ways. It may also reduce time in making new content and strategies to attract the audience.


Hopefully, all the 10 ways explained above are used to increase business via video marketing. It definitely helps the audience to view videos and understand the depth involved in it. Eventually, the brand awareness is likely improved and is a great way for SEO. It reduces the time spent and saves money and create enthusiasm. For any small-medium business, for growing their sales from the initial stages it is suggested to implement video marketing which is the best way among the other marketing methods.

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