Using Mixbook For Your Photobook Creation

If you’re thinking of using a photo book maker to create a gift for Mother’s Day, a summer wedding gift, or any custom invite; Mixbook is a great site to design something heartfelt this season. With a fully customizable menu of photo books, photo cards, calendars, and home decor; Mixbook makes it easy to find a special, personalized gift for someone who deserves a little extra love.

Fully Customizable

One of the best features of is the fact that there isn’t a single graphic, background, detail, or text box on any of the easy to use templates that you cannot change. This means that you aren’t stuck with a product that you’re OK with. You can continue to make changes until you absolutely love your creation. Mixbook doesn’t ask you to simply change pre-populated fields by plugging in a name and a headshot of the person you’re creating the gift for. Down to the line style, this is a one of a kind creation that will say exactly what you wanted to say because that’s how you intended it to read.

If you know anyone who is a Martha Stewart fan, you’re in luck. Mixbook has the Martha Stewart line of photobook products, and they’re simply stunning. Just like the rest of the Mixbook inventory, everything on the Martha Stewart line is fully customizable as well. In addition, they offer metal prints, and they come in flat or curved styles, so you can have a great addition to a wall or a desk, whichever you prefer.

Great Customer Service

The “chat with customer service” feature means that you don’t have to play phone tag, wait on hold for hours, or send an endless stream of emails to get answers should you have questions. You can be connected with a customer service representative within a matter of moments, and they are live, not prewritten, and ready to answer any question that you might have for them.

Quality Guaranteed

In addition, they offer a 100% full satisfaction guarantee. Typically, you don’t find a company that will accept returns when it comes to customized products, but Mixbook is that certain of the product quality and ease of designing your photobook, they will offer you a complete refund if you aren’t totally satisfied upon delivery. They offer a volume discount and have programs for schools, churches, and youth programs so that everyone can take part in designing and owning a lifetime memory.

In less time than it takes to fill out an RSVP card, you can design your Save The Date Cards, and they will be talked about long after you’ve walked down the aisle. You don’t need to worry about scrambling around at the last minute waiting for delivery, either. You can design your guestbook, foil accented invitations, and even magnets to send along with your Save The Date Cards, and you’ll be kept fully abreast of the status of your order, and the anticipated delivery date.

When it comes to convenience and a simple to navigate website, you don’t need to look any further for a photo book maker than


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