Top Issues Related to Kodi

Kodi is the world’s most popular media player tool. It’s a multi-purpose media player that is designed to give users one-stop entertainment.  You can play any type of video, music, movies, etc. in different file formats. The media player supports numerous add-ons and is compatible with all Smart TVs and Computer Operating Systems. 

Many Kodi users face different types of issues now and then. In this article, we have prepared a list of the top issues related to Kodi. The following list includes the top issues that most Kodi users have reported on different forum sites. 

Top Issues Related to Kodi and Fixes 

  1. Unable to Stream Videos 

This is the most common issue faced by Kodi users. The issue is related to unknown sources or unsupported add-ons. Sometimes, your Internet Service Provider blocks unauthorized contents and URLs. When you are unable to play such videos, start using a reliable VPN service to stream restricted videos. 

When you use a VPN service, you can mask your IP Address. You can set up a different location of your system to unblock the restricted contents and sources on the Kodi app. 

  1. No Stream Available 

No stream available is yet another most common issue faced by Kodi users. There are many ways to fix this particular issue. The most common fix for this issue is to get rid of outdated add-ons or corrupted source files. You can clear the cache memory of the add-on or can reinstall the addon. 

Alternatively, you can check the Internet connection also. Sometimes, the connectivity network is not available around which can cause your Kodi app to display a No Stream Available message on the screen. 

  1. Kodi App Crashes Consistently 

If the Kodi app crashes when you try to launch the built-in media player, then there must be something wrong with the additional files installed in the media player. 

To fix this issue, remove all the recently installed addons from the Kodi app. Make sure you also update the outdated add-ons that you have been using on the app. The latest version of the Kodi app supports updated versions of the addons only. You should keep the Kodi app and the addons up to date. 

If you are facing this error recently after installing a new addon or update, consider removing the addon first and recheck the app if it is working fine or not. 

  1. Unable to Connect to the Source 

In the Kodi app, you can install addons by entering the compatible repositories manually. When you add new sources to the Kodi app, you will see a message right after completing the installation process. If the sources are not compatible with your app or in your country, you won’t be able to stream such content from the added sources. 

In this situation, search for other working sources from the web and start streaming your favorite content. Don’t be dependent on a single source, always have alternatives to your favorite addons and sources. 

  1. General Issues 

Some users experience issues that are completely unknown and can’t be figured out by the users. On the other hand, some users complain about the performance issues with their Kodi app. In this case, you should check for the new update of the app or can reinstall the Kodi app back to your system. 


These are the most common issues faced by Kodi users. All of these issues are very basic and can be resolved by users with no professional help. Most of the Kodi Related Issues can be fixed simply by installing the fresh version of the Kodi app. Keep things up to date to save yourself from experiencing unwanted issues! 


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