The ways in which universal robots help keep humans safe.

Since the dawn of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, universal robots are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing sections in robotics. Their popularity in the manufacturing industry is set to increase globally. During the Third Industrial Revolution, robots were commonly used in many industries, however, for safety reasons these robots were controlled in cages away from any kind of human contact. The universal robots on the other hand, are equipped with collaborative robot arms to improve the collaboration and interaction between people and robots in industrial production facilities.

The robot assembly by Universal Robots is designed with an adaptive control software that increases the compliance of a robot. The UR robots are quite safe, allowing people to interact with them. They are very easy to program and inexpensive to install. The advent of the universal robots has allowed both small and mid-sized manufacturers to keep ahead of the curve against larger co-operations in the manufacturing game.

Their impact in the manufacturing industry is undeniable, and as the technology evolves the Universal robots are proving to be able to keep humans safe. Across a large number of industries, universal robots are eliminating the chances of injuries and death at various work sites.

In this article, we will go through some of the ways the collaborative robot arm from universal robots keep human labourers safe.

Industrial welding

Over the last several years, universal robots have risen in popularity because of their useful feature that allows them to perform repetitive, long-run welding projects. The collaborative robot arm can be deployed easily and flexibly in existing manual work stations. This has saved workers a lot of time and money.

Human welders are constantly exposed to a large number of hazardous material and a variety of potential dangerous while welding. The welding environment is hot, dusty and electrically noisy for humans. Humans may have to deal with toxic fumes as well.

The rapid evolution of a collaborative arm is the perfect solution for welding application.

Underwater exploration, traversing reefs and shipwrecks

Exploring deep seas can be quite thrilling and it can also prove to be very dangerous. A human could be constrained by air and pressure, when conducting underwater research. There is also the possibility of been attacked by dangerous sea predators. The task of exploring the deep seas has proven to be quite risky to humans. A universal robot however, can stay underwater for much longer allowing the collaborative robot arms to collect samples even in very hostile underwater conditions.

Some of the ways UR robots will play a key role in ocean exploration include, collecting information on ocean currents, collecting information on valuable materials found in the sea such as gold, silver, copper. The role of protecting our waters and shores using UR robots may soon be considered by the military. The Universal Robots will play a key role in monitoring and surveilling certain areas that would prove to be too difficult or too expensive if using the traditional method of research.

Machine tending.

As technology continues to develop, people in the manufacturing industries have continued to understand why it is important to invest in state-of-the-art technology as a key to success. Over the years an interest in automating the machine tending operation has peaked.

For a very long time, machine tending has been handled by humans. The task can get quite dangerous and very repetitive. Machine tending requires consistency which means that human labourers within industries constantly have to perform the risky task of machine tending. The tedious, dirty and dangerous nature of tending machines has made finding and retaining qualified workers almost impossible.

Introducing the collaborative robot arm in handling the machine tending operation negates a number of risks and is a viable solution for smaller industries as well. It is also easy to handle and an in-expensive addition to industries.

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