Restore Deleted Files with EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard

Google lists out a bunch of options once you enter ‘steps to retrieve lost files from a formatted SD card. Loss of data has become a cause of concern lately. At times, we end up formatting a SD card unintentionally, resulting in data loss. Various methods are posted on the web enabling us to recover the data.

No operating system has been developed yet that can help users in retrieving the files deleted from a formatted SD card. Files are migrated from its source to another folder/location within an operating system. Migration of files empties the source location allowing other applications to overwrite the data on the SD card.

Conversely, there are few data recovery software’s available to revert data from the formatted SD card.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one among the many trusted software’s to recover data. The software supports users to restore data in a Windows operating system.

Features of EaseUS Data Recovery Software

  1. There are two versions of EaseUS Data Recovery Software available. One is a free version which allows user to recover 500MBs of lost data, and additional of 1.5GB after sharing the software on social platforms. Another is pro version which is paid and allows unlimited data recovery for one PC.
  2. EaseUS Data Recovery Software is capable of performing two scans. It first launches Quick scan which is further followed by Deep scan, that is meant to go through the user’s system thoroughly.
  3. The major plus point of this software is that it supports data recovery in all Windows OS versions, i.e, Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,8.1 and 10.
  4. EaseUS Data Recovery Software allows user to retrieve the scanned results whenever it wants. It benefits the user with the feature of selective recovery.
  5. It allows user to pause the data recovery process and resume it to any another time, which makes it flexible in nature.
  6. Not only it is efficient in recovering lost data files from wide range of platforms such as PC, laptops, removable storage drives, but also supports the recovery in SD cards, USB drives, ZIP drives, Digital Camera, floppy disk, etc.

EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard:

It is easily the most user- friendly software available today that can be accessed by all age groups. During the process of data recovery, two basic questions arise in a user’s mind i.e. type of file lost and the drive on which they were located.

There are a few step by step instructions laid out below that would enable users to recover the deleted or lost files without too many hassles.

  1. EaseUS Data Recovery Software should be installed/launched followed by selection of file type for the desired recovery. Subsequently, the formatted SD card from where the data has been lost should be selected. Click on the “Scan” option to continue the process of recover deleted data or files.
  2. The free data recovery software initiates a quick scan succeeded by a deep scan automatically, to find additional files.
  3. The file can be selected for recovery on the basis of file types from the scanning results. Click “recovery” option to recover the selected files. It is recommended to identify a different location for saving the data. This helps in avoiding data overwriting in the selected location.

The sooner we perform the recovery process, better will be the chances to retrieve the lost data from the formatted SD card. In instances where SD cards are overwritten, data recovery becomes next to impossible. During such scenarios, it is advisable to outsource the process to an expert or a professional software engineer depending upon the complexity or importance of the given data.

Multiple memory card software’s are available in the market. They vary depending upon the operating system. For example, the recovery software available for a Mac is different to the one compared to a windows based operating system.



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